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  1. 8 hours ago, Kamisama said:

    yeah i play on SEA too , we get really surprised if we see more than 20 mc in 1 location XD , finding item in this server is hardcore ... , you can not find anyone who sells mcoin items and when you find one after years of searching they sell each set of sign 35k XD , items are very very expensive . BUT unlike other servers customes are pretty cheap here XD like 100k custome in eu is 20k here ...

    Why you guys still there. Clearly developers wont change anything about sea server. Even if you are +10, what is the point of playing if there are literally zero player. I would quit game or start with eu server

  2. 23 minutes ago, Mrkhalifa said:

    reasons that differentiate the events:


        • new dungeons with differentiated mechanics, and new bosses; 


        • unique rides with new dynamics;


        • new costumes, new items, new weapons;


        • a totally new map, a special plot.


        • It’s a fun event and you always profit from it.



    for me this is reason enough to make these annual events unique, appreciate the effort of the team of AIGRIND developers and immerse yourself in the new theme :pleased:

    -Only one type dungeon as always. 

    -Unique solo token runs that nobody cares.

    -Same yellow quests that eventually lead worthless emoji reward

    -World events that people stop doing after 1 week

    - And final, of course spamming same 32 lvl dungeon non-stop until the end of event.

    Warspear doing this almost about 10 years and it stills works. People are happy again so at this point i dont even want to blame devs. xd


  3. 13 hours ago, Kamisama said:

    4/4 this skill is 30% of character magical power each second for 8 sec , ARE YOU SERIOUS ? 


    dk skill deal 250% of character magic power for 14 sec every 2 sec , 

    so a dps class dealing very very lower dmg than tank class LUUUUL

    It has huge area effect but %30 really bad, it should be 60 or higher.

    Also in order to deal high amount of dmg with this hero, at least you need 500 magic and this is almost impossible if you are not 30 level.

  4. 2 hours ago, lore said:

    at level 32 you have (on ur level)

    2 guild vs guild events (1pvp 1 pvpve)

    sea tramps lair and the mermen temple (if u can win the trials)

    2 raidbosses on your level and there still the other 3

    2 guild events for pve only with dedicated area

    2 guild bosses (rottung air and nocturna)

    the arena

    questing in the fifth sector of avyondill

    but u can also do:

    maximize all talents

    prepare for the next event/expansion

    try dominate the arena

    make grow the guild ur in till to lv12 and maxximinze all skills

    help others

    make ur own guild

    master ur own class/es or all of them

    run dungeons (technopolis, sea tramps' lair, mermen temple, champion colloseum and all the mythical dungeons)

    make 1 character on each faction

    maxximinze all ur crafting skills

    solo all soloable things with as many classes as possible

    become the richest/strongest in the server ur in or the best in a certain level

    complete all achivements (also the leggendary ones if possible)

    brainstorm on the lore (yes ws has a lore)

    (each event) get all the event achivements

    collets all raid bosses' costumes

    get unique expert skills books

    stupid challenges like ironman (i woulnt do it but if u like suffering do it)

    daily questing 


    also, why the swamps and irselnorth needs a rework? 

    since as you said before, it also counts for the swamps, astral and kronus' labyrinth and for most of irselnort too because u will be level 32 and wont need anymore of that content anymore because as u said  u will be playing in irselnort and ayvondil and also, the pve tattics can variate by the classes you have, some have gamechanging skills like faithfull connection of the necromancer that allows to extreminate all enemies in the spawner areas in technopolis if combined with eught strong damagers

    or the seekers and thier isane damge

    the ability of priests to heal from most negative effects and to boost the critical damage or just heal

    as higgings said u can do this too if u think the content/stuff to do is not eught on your eye and you have ideas on how increase it


    lul you are telling me that these are the content of the game XD. okay cool very cool next meme

  5. 33 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    If you seem to have understood the "problem", why then complaining on a post where, for now, it is not planned any kind of change to these 2 other islands? 


    The PvE scenario, moreover, depends a lot on the classes which you pick. I didn't get what kind of PvE scenario you're referring to, otherwise. 

    All i am saying game lacks content. Not making any improvments to irselnort/nortlant more than 10 years big disappointment. It originally desgined for 20 levels but now game is evolved and we are 32 level. So ırselnort only function is pvp now. Remains only one map see? only ayvondil and its a big problem.

    And of course i am complaining here. This is the only post now which many people can see it. Other posts are dead.

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