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  1. Bro jamie if no one using derpy in arena can i use it ?
  2. wc to ABC bro mell and shilan :clapping:
  3. who have lvl13set equips and wep that i can borrow O:-) cuz my ranger got hacked :facepalm: -juandlcruz-
  4. pa sali nmn ng ranger ko lxzeroxl name lvl14. . :blush: xlzeolx(rouge) lvl20 xxaldrinxx(shman) lvl20 juandlcruz(warlock) lvl20 zzeerroo(dk) lvl20 lxzeroxl(ranger) lvl14
  5. hi guys ty much for giving me a chance to be a member of abc. sorry for late reps cuz i just make my accnt a while ago... ty guys juandlcruz
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