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  1. So like for next season try this. 1)platebody of Greatness 2)majestic ring 3)skins of Greatness 4)aura of gladiator What are your thoughts?
  2. This is where i Add: im glad i have a low level that dont need to worry about expert skillz. Im beggining to see why theres like a huge increase in Level 10 players and they finally get the idea.
  3. That's balogne im just saying this could be a good way for any char to have more ways to get achievements in this or perhaps know whos watching them >.>
  4. I still think its a good idea
  5. The only difference between me and that person is thatI have a life. XD Also nothing is more rarer then Killing kronus first kill and getting Costume Drop
  6. Your not exactly an old player. Ive played for 3 years and i dout you played longer then one. This kind of thing takes fe' umm faith And determination never giving up. I still feel like the time i killed sam hein 2013 was extremely lucky besides kronus. I was at 1% battery and killed him got the chest and inside night prince bow
  7. Thanx so much ;3 I love it when i feel like someone to look up to
  8. U kinda killed it there bud.U take a look at it and oh... 100 inspections...doesn't sound cool right? Also the rich are rich for a reason and i can show u that most of you who arent rich are LAZY capital Lazy lmao. If you farmed like i did u would have at least 500k or sumthing no matter what and it makes sense nce that the older players would get more fortune. Im tired of the (rich excuse) thats no excuse, everyone is just lazy I had to kill kronus 1 time for costume drop but I did dg horror circus 100 times and no drop. I Dont Give Up For link:http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/47833-dragonskey-the-dragon-slayer-c/
  9. I have beliefs that the gm will make it 1 view per Character but that doesn't mean it wont count again after an update has processed. What do i mean? If you have ever noticed there are some people of same faction that cannot be viewed because they had not logged on after recent update.
  10. Im guessing everyone already knows what im about to say because juss as the Title says Fame for Inspection.Now what do i mean by that? Its simple when u Click On Someone there is an Option To inspect them. BUT. How many have Inspected you? We dont know and woudnt it be cool if there was a Counter? So see how many times you were inspected? Think of it as Views for youtube as an example. What is your Opinion Developers/ Game masters?
  11. Lucky os for people who even get a drop. Me id say is probably.... The most IMPOSSIBLE thing to ever do. No one else can do it xD also its been near 2 months ago since it happened /: lmao And dw man kill joker i heard that also drops weps and a good rate
  12. Selling energy catalyst like 3 of em And selling a lvl 13 honed axe Selling [star Templar]. Oh and look up the topic: Dragonskey The Dragonslayer For proof of costume drop with Level 10 Paladin ✋ Please hold your appluad im just a player.
  13. 0 medals for Achievement? Why?
  14. Why is the Crystal of stun Only for Weapons ( one handed/ two handed/ staff but NOT for shields? Shields are still part of weaponry :l -What do you think GM?
  15. 2 suits is awsome ;3 hah and since kronus suit is relevant here im allowed to say im selling it Again and again and not for noob price cus i know yall are rich aff so dont be buggin :l
  16. What if i said to please not to? Would that change anything .-. (Least i tried Lmao) By that smart comment i know i have no power here
  17. Why? Whats the point of doing that please tell me. Why can't it stay on None
  18. Here's the hand c; But its my hand lol ;o and on first kill
  19. Defeating Kronus isn’t easy, but is certainly worth it. The rewards are valuable and there is an extra drop chance. - Costume of Kronus - Unity signs - Gold - Essences and catalysts - Minions - Spheres Mmm maybe i guess Thats what they meant but just wanted to make sure
  20. I have a question tho to Roland or any gm associated with the making update 5.0 Kronus labrynth In all my time killing kronus over 20+ times i never seen Drop being "Gold" as explain in the news and announcements and no other player told me they got it ether.. So does it exist? Maybe a bug that kronus never drops Gold. And if it does how much gold. Please reply and thanx guys ;3
  21. Even i never thought this was possible.... I just wanted achievement but i also got the costume drop as well. Truely the most amazing thing .. I dont think any other level 10 can do it nd if they can let them know i did it first hah Im selling it but the topic is already there so i put it here also for spread since many people pm offers.
  22. Its ok its just something i had in mind thank you for the reply Also wat about lending idea ? Is that gonna be into consideration?
  23. Sell kronus suit yes i know its the rarest pic you will ever see. Pm me in game Dragonskey or on kik : Finalhours ( ps: if u kik me tell me your name and offer thank you)
  24. Godsrange

    Player Mod

    Keeping this simple and straight to the point, player mods are necessary to help gm with prevention of scams and overlook the game mechanics so that no one can exploit bugs / cheating .Also player mods exist in the famous mmorpgs so why not this one? Other side topic: Lending! Yea lending items can be very useful to new and old players low and high levels There are items with none (parameters) and if players can use the lend system it is a sure safe way to help or lend someone and item with the assurance of getting it back within the time set for it to return. This option should be added to the "Exchange menu" when exchanging players. Thank you for your time
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