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  1. This proves to us and everyone who defended me till now. The support wont help. And i quit. All because you dont want to decrease the level of character. And i promise you it was a bug. It was a big issue. And a topic like this would never close because Itll happen to someone else soon. Goodbye Roland The administrator. Its obvious to all of us players. You don't like helping. Qnd you don't know what its like to lose years of work put into A character. You never had a Pure.
  2. Because after this addition our database entry is updated with the whole base.But to revert this we should revert the whole DB to the state, when character was 1 lvl. I assumed you meant that you could turn any character to 1 but from the sound of it now it seems like a deleted character. Why didn't you answer my post from February 8 4:41 pm?
  3. You really know how to hit the nail on the Head.
  4. Wait so You can't deduct experience But you can change the character to level 1? Yea those thousands of elixars thats cause of me :/ Your welcome. Also... Why didn't u answer my Last post.....?
  5. If only u were more aware. If u wanna make it like that might as well add wheres wario waluigi Yoshi toad princess bowser and many more to come. U think us saphire was the only place it had the bug? I thought u read other threads too
  6. Nice paragraph. Too bad its a 100% lie. 1) more then 2 people have leveled up under effects of permanence. 2) 99% agree i wouldn't forget or lie about it. Your the 1% congrats. Also i showed proof that i have gladiator aura without ever participating in arena Congrats to me.
  7. Fine fine... Lets start with this Can you change a characters level? Or have a data backup of the characters previous stage? And by Changing it will i still be able to fight in level 7-10 bracket? And to further this is it possible to be aware of this in the future cause i can garentee my life it will happen to someone else again. (what will happen again? The part about someone GAINING EXPERIENCE DURING THE EFFECT OF ELIXIR PERMANENCE.) I also have proof i was level 10 for more then 3 years. And please answer this last 2 parter question. If you were a PURE CHARACTER(ex: meaning u were fighting as a level 6 arena level 10 14 or even 18+ [not a maxed level character BUT have extremely rare items you've worked hard to amp during FARM and QUEST) Then suddenly it just all went away. You level up because of a bug problem and you're scared The support won't help you because they think their system is perfect weather or not you show solid proof... How would you feel? What is the Right thing to do here? Administrator. If it can be fixed where the character Dragonskey can be changed to 10 i will wait for how ever long it will take months or even years. Also thanx so much for the time replying to me Roland.
  8. I wish it wasn't just answers i wanted to know if you understand the problem. I didn't get an answer for that. Id rather private message you so you could have a better understanding because just talking on the forum isn't enough apparently as you have stated in your comments earlier.
  9. The developers still hasnt replied. And the only thing i see i 1 developer but its obvious there has to be more then 1 right? Where are the others that can actually understand whats going on here.
  10. I think the scary part is i have less then a 1% chance the developers are actually gonna help and decrease my Characters level down to 10. I swear its rarer then a miracle for this to happen.
  11. I think the scary part is i have less then a 1% chance the developers are actually gonna help and decrease my Characters level down to 10. I swear its rarer then a miracle for this to happen.
  12. @ 2) yes i am "Not a developer of warspear" obviously but that wasnt what u said now did u lol. And @3) yes for pure characters only. Why? Because if you are not a pure Character then you are a lazy person if u ask gm to level you up which is stupid. The appropriate answer is go buy knowledge of greatness elixirs. And to be more clear i do demand that others who have suffered as well to be readjusted to their previous level as well. Ex: deaaths character. And so forth.
  13. You are wrong on all cases here. You dont know if i was a developer or not so u cant assume i don't know how easy or how hard it is. Secondly the developers should only change the levels of players who have been a pure Character for a very long time and in my case not only was i level 10 for longer then 3 years Its because of the item they gave us (pure Characters) to use so we can quest without gaining experience. Or so i thought. There was a flaw in the last update and because of that i had Leveled up unexpectedly. What's the right thing to do? Argue about it all day or help the pure characters and hope to fix this issue in the future? Im telling you its not IMPOSSIBLE! Nothing is! There's a back up for everything.
  14. Im gonna need more then luck or a miracle lol..
  15. My voice will be heard :/ giving up now only means i will stay level 11. Because of their bug and guess whats gonna happen? Someone else is gonna level up soon too. The developers can most certainly change a characters level. (just about any dev in any rpg can thats how it works) its if they want to but whu wouldn't they? How can they profit by not helping me?
  16. To be honest i dont remember why i had so much xp after leveling to 10. I even have very old screen shots of before i won my first arena season like 2012/2013 and it was already full lol. But even so there should be a way to decrease xp if anyone could gain it.
  17. How many developers/ support people are there? Out of Roland petermunk kuzmitch snorlax and any other administration there is who is the one capable of making such an item that fails me and causes me to level up?(Even if i provide the proof can you help by decreasing the character of Dragonskey Down to 10(Ten)? The answer and i do know you can is yes. But the question is Will you?) When will you? When can you? If you're not the person im looking for can you give me the contact info of the person who is In control for making in game items and knowing how to decrease a character level? Why is it so impossible to get help for something that isnt impossible to help with? Long story short- elixir permanence didn't work one time i quested and thus i leveled up. I want you to please Decrease the level of Dragonskey down to 10(Ten)
  18. I'm trying to be optimistic here. You know i actually thought that roland or some other developer knew what the Elixar permeace is for. Matter of fact i wish i could talk to the person who made it if thats "allowed". Also i know the developers are reading this i just don't know what they are doing. For example as proof they bugged my account. Doesn't it make sense that if there was a bug (that probably is gone by now since the new update) they should first help the person(or people or server) it affected? Then fix the bug. They (developers Supporters ect.) are taking wayyy to long just to decrease my level. If its faster to turn me to level 1 then ill accept that too ill just level to 10 all over again.
  19. The problem is i can't Reach support otherwise they might know or understand what had happened. Thus they could probably see through reason that if someone Who is in fact a pure Character had Leveled up unexpectedly through Elixar Permeace, they should be able to reduce the level of The Character. Because if a character can rise in Level they most certainly have a way to decrease it. Why is it such a big issue for the support to help me? I don't understand because i had shown proof just like they asked. I said all the details. Whats left is "if" Support wants to help. Or not... But why wouldn't they?
  20. True but ain't it a sad topic to find out Support is making a big deal out of not helping me? For a problem They Caused and Should have been Aware of? I can garentee you my life That changing a persons level wouldn't take less then a few minutes rather Then Waiting 2 weeks.
  21. Who is the support? Because from the sound of it snorlax said he wasn't and i don't think Roland is either. What about kuzmitch? Or is the support a group of Developers that we can't ever have contact with? It's really confusing now that you don't know who to contact incase of a serious bug or in-game issue Caused by The item Developers Made. Also Is this comment True?
  22. What would you do if you were a pure Character say level 6/10 or for at least 3 years, And then suddenly you leveled up on finishing a quest while u have the "effects" of a Elixar permeace potion thats supposed to prevent exp from rising.
  23. At this point i know Roland is reading all this. I know he knows all the information needed and requested. So by now i can tell hes just laughing at me. Is there anything the support can benefit by not helping me with this issue? By not bringing my level Down to 10 again? (also to add i havent played Warspear since the bug report.)
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