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  1. I just think lots of people will like it more then others his idea does sound real awesome to me and maybe could just be done as an event? :)
  2. There is one thing however I would like you to add to that and I would like it to.be called a Duel. IN a duel both players can wager any ammount they want. Also while in the cave that you just described let Mc and elf be able to talk to each other. I think only then this will be the biggest hit minigame ever created for warspear. Who will agree? 8)
  3. Well maybe it doesn't have to be in a chest or maybe ... they can add it to relinquary chests you get in lab that way its a much better chance And it makes sense since YOU DO receive amplification items and more from that chest. :search:
  4. I have a suggestion but I highly doubt anyone will agree with me so its just an opinion. I figured since you have surprise chests anything can be found in 'em right? Even rates you've never seen. But what if you could add one more item to this chest and I think it'll be interesting. I call it the 'no fail sign' meaning it uses a sign of amplification but this one garentees the amp a success. That would be awesome and come in quantities of 10 inside these surprise chests and make it NOT PERSONAL UPON RECIEVEING. Thanx to anyone who actually likes my suggestions... :dirol:
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