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  1. Basically as the topic states. And if there was an answer for this issue already please direct me to it because I could not find it. To Clarify - The Skill states, And only describes: "Each auto attack increases the ranger's attack speed. When the skill is developed above level 3, the ability to evade attack increases. Maximum number of effects - 10." Nowhere in the description talks about counters disappearing after being hit and that's the real issue which makes this skill useless. To me and all of the ranger class. You'll be lucky to get 2 counters. Can you maybe explain if that description is wrong or the skill is just not working properly. Because the way I believe it should work is as follows: Each auto attack increases the ranger's attack speed. Meaning that it will actually be possible to reach 10 counters from 10 auto attacks. And the only way it dissappears is after the first counter hits 1 minute must pass before that counter is gone.
  2. Godsrange

    US Drama

    Does that make me boorjjn since I posted ss of 2 accounts same screen? It's clear that you can post other peoples screen shot.
  3. Godsrange

    US Drama

    @Reivenorik I hope you understand that you are ignoring the fact Of the main issue is that not only are members from the above mentioned names (HUYENTHOAI) Use Bots third party softwares with hard proof, But they also have Sold accounts From easy cheating. It's easy because they are aware You administrators See The rule breaking And ignore it for the fact that they are mcoin Buyers. Which Leeds to the reason why almost 100% of everybody has said If you buy miracle coins, You are Immune To ban. So far the only people I've seen getting banned are the lvl 3s who advertise phishing websites. And if I remember correctly buying gold is prohibited. So if the same case were true. Woudnt selling of accounts be the same thing? Someone needs to wake up around here. This is a very serious matter.
  4. Godsrange

    US Drama

    If there is a Very big issue and a very big concern that involves many participants Of the game then I should think the Administrators would Certainly Respond To Those who break EULA regulations. As you very well know Administration does not participate On our server therfore they won't know of anything untill Reported By the community. And that is what I have come to do. All I ask is a timely response by the Producers Of Warspear to kindly look into this and Take action however they see fit.
  5. Godsrange

    US Drama

    That's up to the administrators Who check ips now because of policy to decide. Just the same saying goes have you ever heard a drunk person say he wasn't drunk? If The producers and administration are serious about their rules they should enforce Them. As one of the people who actually want to participate in one of the games great field such as Arena I speak for everyone when The above mentioned names Have destroyed the Fun for every Player who even wanted a chance to win some awards. They no longer appeal to anyone because of misuse conduct during gameplays using Third party softwares. The Line needs to be drawn somewhere and Administration has disregard this issue long enough. If issues could not be solved by sending tickets maybe they will through forums.
  6. Godsrange

    US Drama

    Yes well if that's not fair enough for you then how about the times you your whole guild and (Keep in mind) Other guilds you allied with Habe been using third party softwares to contribute to the situation. Becareful what you say Hypocrite. Read rule 4.2.12 of the EULA regulations States: Run more then one copy of the game on one device. As for names well I'll gladly say them: (Us- Sapphire) Saraxxx/heoboorin/boorin/partynao/gannjcuss/fronkiiing/mrchamba/boorjjn/mikamiko/ugsece/adiasasin/ayazzams/samifronk/adiana/apocalysm. If you have any further concerns about this as well please refer to the new policy and safety.
  7. And it only took you 27 years to do just that. FELICIDADES! Pride and arrogance grows in that game. It is something that will never change. For those that spent many hours on such a thing think about what you really accomplished here. Are people going to be proud of you?
  8. You leave on my birthday? Well wow. This was an unexpected unrequited present. Let's all believe in karma tho. Quiting is good.
  9. I mean, I wasn't the first to get kronus. Obviously everyone else who has it can also fly? So it's not a personal upgrade. I just think people underappreciate Kronus as a boss and it's costume. This will bring some ballance know what I mean.
  10. Maybe I forgot to mention this in the beginning of the post but it was First kill. And are you annoyed because it didn't happen for you lmao. That's so wrong. You should be happy for others
  11. You mean the oldest person on this game. You know I thought playing on a game for more then 3 years was bad like that's crazy and I did it for 5. But him he did the impossible. He managed to live the life of Warspear by playing for 11 years. Unreal
  12. Well well didn't see this coming One of the only rangers with skill also quits Take care now Ps: that build is the same as mine. So your not the only one (;
  13. "Could be added to bitterness other than that dodge thing" Developers and Administrators yet again Fail to fix The problem with a skill 99% of the ranger class DO NOT USE. They misinterpreted the description and Shouldn't take Counters away If you have been Damaged. Getting counters past 3 is impossible during any interactions with Monster and players. Therefore that skill is dismissed. Developers will pay no attention to it and that's the biggest problem with "Bitterness".
  14. How disappointing. The same reward 193 times in a Row. Nothing else new here. And the sad part is I expected The 200th to be cc and gold coffer over again.
  15. 2 that main issues [Explosive Trap] WENT FROM 5x5 to 3x3. At 4/4 [Hunters Cage] is at 4 yards instead of 5.
  16. Were you deleted? No. Did Gm do any justice? No. If it is not brought to the gms, will it help? No! But if I at least get someone or Administrators to hear me out maybe I can get back what is lost. there is a certain player That buys accounts Sells them and breaks nearly all EULA rules. All I ask is for help. Thanks You,
  17. Didn't know gms still bans people. Like for example if a player try to sell one time they will get banned for sure but if a huge mcoiner who hacks accounts, uses third party softwares Sells And exchanges Accounts For real world currency multi times, As well as Using multi logging will mean "you are safe From being permanently Banned".. Or so I've Seen. Reporting to the gm has stopped working after 2015 unfortunately. And I have Hard proof. Even being scammed ingame does not leed to ban also.
  18. How will the leader gets the Guard kill? Does damage stack each time he attacks and even when he dies? Or does it work like other mobs? When player dies, damage is reseted? Guard kill goes for most damage done overall? Or depends like other mob kills, first 10%dmg inflicted? Also When will you change Guild Tournament Awards? We are all tired of seeing crimson Corridium + Chests. Thank you.
  19. Haters gonna hate cus as far as I'm concerned. It was 3-0 and I suggest you stay quiet before I start posting proof. People like you will never ever learn. Learn some modesty. You need to accept that I'm your superior and that's that. No more trial and error just give up. Everyone already knows and I didn't have to do anything.
  20. Didn't know so many drastic changes happened. Like now if your 5 lvl different from boss you can't get drops. Which means my char is permanently the lowest character to get costume drop o.o
  21. This topic is very much way way long over due. The last time a steal health weapon was made for the ranger class was during the making of Berengars Tower. And its highest level weapon being 19. We are now at level 26 weapons with no signs of steal health enchants for Bow(luke) I hope you take into serious considerations about the next idea. 1) level 26 set armour bonuses for at least Light armour. A)2 pieces = 9% hp steal health bonus B)4 pieces = 6% penetration And secondly The weapons not just the bow But need EMPHASIS ON BOW. its been years. 1) [bow of Great Darkness] Bonuses- Phys Damage-Critical-Penetration-Steal health with above 7% Thank you for your time.
  22. Eh i rarely play to begin with. But yea especially since now i gotten raven costume drop. As my level 10 dk lol the luck and skill this takes is so unreal Unbelievable
  23. I knew the peace won't last forever. But if your going to come back at least don't cheat and say your arrrooowww now. Because the ori has already sold his account. I like the way you played it out saying currently playing tho. Welcome back hope to see you spend more mcoins.
  24. Could you please answer the questions I asked on my post. (increases penetration 10% on a skill) 10% penetration on Rangers blessing. How does it work? Can you use 2 empowering relics on same skill? Please answer.
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