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  1. Btw bro pvp my lock foo
  2. I'm sober, but is there rules saying I can't be drunk while posting? Is the forum that strict?? Because I do what I want fellow brethren. -cheers
  3. Im drunk, okay bare with me. Why not make a guild gp active skill? • Just make it expensive. • Have it available to only the most Noble guilds. • Ai Grind would profit. Ps. More guild points spent means more gp pots used. So it will make them cost more ;) -cheers
  4. ahh but shamans are fun. If you're smart a warlock is also very fun
  5. If you have low amp armours go with ball but if amped up a bit go with protection
  6. What's your character names?.. for uh.. research reasons
  7. Update counter will be modified I hopr
  8. Everyone hated high amp rangers before expert skills xd pewpewpew
  9. Bds have always had an advantage? That's where you're wrong. And why would we nerf classes, when we could just make improvements on other classes to balance? Instead of taking steps backwards devs should improve the skills, not make them weaker. (Not make them too OP either *cough* counter). Instead of nerfing counter though, they should introduce a skill to defend against counter for certain classes. Because counter is already perfect for Pve, just a little unfair for everyone else trying to fight a bd.
  10. Come join RaPeZoNe we will mentor you. And provide you with anything u need as long as you are active in war
  11. Long before expert skills were implemented, casters use to rule the game and everyone complained that bds stood no chance. Really, no melee stood a chance vs casters (save the mage). Warlocks were the kings of ws. Now bds have the crown. The game imo is more balanced among the rest of the classes now (except bds), than it has ever been. But as time goes on, the game gets more complex and everything will fit into place.
  12. Some random person spam w chat I'm a scammer, I never even met the guy before
  13. Wickedora too weak so devs buff. Now Wickedora too strong so devs Nerf. Hope they get it right this time xD
  14. Would defeat main purpose of the game... Faction vs faction. Not faction helping enemy faction.
  15. 12-28-12 when signs were 30k a set and arena tickets 3k a set
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