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  1. what is wrong with Symbain? Can't install the game.... Please check it and released Asap.... :)
  2. Yes 1vs1 Should be Guild leaders only... I agree whit you.
  3. Ya that is also good but the thing is team work. Just wanna see how much each and evry guild plans and how their strategy works
  4. Guys, i suggest a guild arena.. Chose your best fighter from your guild and go 5vs5 ... Let 5vr5 be Guild arena fight... Maybe we could have some fun there Guild vs Guild... Any comments or idea will be good
  5. Im happy to be in this guilds....its awesome...! Go Boneheads Raised up to the top...... Kaamos and Unbeaten thank you ....Bro its your newly joined member "Simpleheal" .
  6. John kent


    Sorry for your bro,.... Shappi a real Scammer. Beware of him.....
  7. Dear players, don't ever trade anything with Shappi (Lvl 12 BD) He is a scammer, he nearly scammed my ranger lvl 13. And also he scammed one of my friend (Gzzzgrzk) bro acc. i.e (Lordjt lvl 12 Bd)... So dont trust him by any means. I'm not saying this due to personal reason,but its true and i don't want u to get scammed too...Beware of Scammers...
  8. John kent

    we did it

    Ya i was there too....thanks to you too... My bd johnykent there with bunny costume...:D
  9. How can i join clan??? I want to join it. Name johnykent (BD) LVL (17)
  10. Hi Friends, I don't like the Orphan Lake position. Its kinda unfair,do you guys agree with me? Looking to our Elf Bosses non is near the path. Why not make it equally? I should say, why so much unfair? not only Boss but Spells too! For me I've done with this 'Lake' quest but I feel its not good, so i wrote what i have in mind and what distrubed me much. Sorry for my English,but hope you guys got what i want to say. Thank you all
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