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  1. 8 minutes ago, Deso said:


    In my opinion, nothing can't be achieved, depending on whether people are willing or not.

  2. Dear developer, this is a good game. I have been playing it for 7 years. Over the years, the game has been updated a lot, and the content of the game is getting richer and richer. More and more people like it in China. I want to make a suggestion about the arena.


    I think the current arena has lost its meaning. The previous 1# ranking has a high status, but now it is different. cruci and 5*5 every day have become daily work. I know that all this is for gvg. At the same time, I hope that developers will support some players who love the arena and let us have a complete arena.


    I have a few suggestions:

    1. Return to the position of 1.2.3# in the previous arena ranking.Add a special armor or weapon that can only be obtained from the arena ranking 1#, and each arena will take turns to obtain it every season, so that a total of 12 can be obtained in one year, which will increase the life of the game. Let people respect the arena 1# more, because it needs a lot of money, friends and your guild to support you to get it, instead of the daily arena afk. ..

    2.Arena ladder system, instead of relying on a large number of spam and afk, can refer to the ladder system of many games, so that people will be more attentive to each battle.

    3.Change the existing single server arena into a common arena of two servers, which can be rotated every month, for example, us and eu..... br and ru ... rotate every month. Or build a global arena, where we can fight together for 1.2.3#, so I think it is a vibrant arena.

    I have said a lot, and there have been many suggestions about the arena before. I hope developers will support this part of the players who love the arena. He has PVE ... GVG ...All the others and arena........

  3. < p >不适用今天的竞技场很无聊。为什么不试着提供一个有完整服务器平台的竞技场,这会变得更有趣不知道,I mean the arena of all servers.

    Every time there is an experience suit, I can challenge more server players, which makes me think that the arena of this game is alive.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Speedom said:


    Maybe I didn't make myself clear. I'm sorry. I mean, the seeker should need a stable control skill 

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