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  1. I have been communicating administrators and gms of Warspear about bad things that has been happening. recently "SPARTANU a" barbarous EU-EMERALD serving was banned unfairly. it is noteworthy that it owns the largest channel of Brazilian youtube on Warspear, many people came with your channel, a mysterious guy came out of nowhere claiming to have been responsible for the banning of "SPARTANU," the guy released a video teaching a way to bugar the game and ban certain players it. resulmo a player who even made a free service for you, owners or adminitradores or aingrid of staff who was the disclosure and often took doubt the beginner players. just I hope you gms restore its spartanu account! I managed the largest Brazilian page of Warspear on facebook and I am sure that many people are watching what will be the final outcome of this story. I will be posting the video link and a photo of the alleged hacker mocking the ban on spartanu and even saying he was responsible for the "bug".
  2. I is not thinking that was how the game get even worse ... this time you guys exceeded expectations ... already not just privileges of unique sets for arena tournament winners (the highest bidder wins) guild bonus (also the highest bidder has) you guys now basically does everyone have to have 2 sets ... and 2 weapons. the people who could not pay so much for the game could still turn with set arena and arena weapons ... and right now you have this brilliant idea to undermine this crew that has not to spend on the game, which does not have the resources to do so. parabens gms, this time you will be able to make everyone stop playing R.I.P Warspear, rest in peace, and epoch of longing that was a top game
  3. hello again GMS, moderators and players. I come here once again talking about another serious issue and once again would like an answer or a solution of gms. hallowen is coming and I wonder once again mcs vain drop bow and xbow? No longer simply the best pros elfs skills still leave mcs prejudice to the drops? that is no longer the fairest game? I'd love it to be corrected ... year in, year out and continues the same story, mcs dropping bow .. not a profit while elfs drop everything sells until it has elfs favoritism.
  4. GMS and other players, ask some of the attention of you for a subject that is already uncomfortable in this game ... a famous youtuber playing in the emerald recorded several striking advantages of elfs classes, I hope gms and moderators do not delete this post after all I'm here to discuss and show certain absurdities of the current game. finally I expect a conclusive answer on the subject of gms
  5. in my view or gms play elf or simply and favorite class of them, come the events and all the elfs drop turns gold, profit already in mcs you strive to kill the big boss or go the dgs and simply mcs drop bow , xbow weapons that are not used by mcs simply absurd and it gms do nothing ... there I see the best skills factor of elfs, in the events they drop everything and can sell gold and these factors at all elfs servers are majority. the game balance over a long time and not see any attitude of gms in solving these problems
  6. hello everyone, I hope to be heard and receive attention of the GMS game. and also I hope I will not be censored! I would like to know some answers of the game gms on certain issues: elfs (druid, bd, priest) >> why druid, priest and bd are the most privileged classes of the game? you guys gms took the game of balance with these such "new skills" the bd almost became a demigod, the druid forget it, to stun his sleep live a long time and all Druid skills load fast more making he in battle can kill be adversaries without the opponent often do not move, apart from the fact that you are going to arena against elfs that have a suite of related much better skills than the mcs and just when you're near to kill someone the en elfs of the druid uses the link and let your partner full hp, everyone is complaining about it! the bd well ... Warspear and the only game where the tanker has DMG class weapon and worse it still has the largest DMG DMG classes, aside from the fact their skill counter-atack basically kill the player, you attack a bd and takes damage 750 so for its counter-atack out the fact that the bd own protection, since not just take their 950, 800 DMG also has a whole suite of related skills that gives him full advantage. the priest "elusive threat" I do not know which bug that causes you even stopped lose hp and mana, everyone is complaining about it. in my view and the view of all players you guys GMS are giving privileges to the elfs and it ended up with the balance of the game. if you guys gms want to give good skills for elfs vain also have to give mcs, shaman skills the expert apernas 2 serve the other three are bad, n serve, in comparison to what you guys have given elfs and please note that the two skill good that you guys gave the shaman gave you guys being equal q and even better pros elfs, "linghtning shield" for example the counter-atack bd reflects much more, off the damage 750 enquando the shaman and 400 ... totten shaman reaches 1 player at a time while "Harads banner" hits all around that is the unique 2 good skills of the shaman was given the same as elfs and that even better. Now I would like to receive a satisfactory response gms of you! and hope you do not escape this topic or not delete it because already several people came reenvindicar their rights of players and you guys chided them I await your answers GMS
  7. druid = heal master druid = stun master. If you are analyzing the characteristics of each class on a scale from 0 to 10 the druid and 8 points support or heal among other items that may come as a group, shaman and also 8 points and 8 necro also point in entando only the druid has more than one real advantage that the elfs in wars, arenas .... every time you're about to kill someone the en elfs of the druid do qualqer almost dead already keep the player full hp, no healer class has mc 2 heal skill in the same class, outside all skill druid are useful, those of shaman not! the question raised here and the privilege! If you are of a good skill to elfs and obligation also give mcs in order to maintain the balance, that balance is gone, and now serves most any elf are, most are comics and druid
  8. 1. bd and a tanker class, ie could not have more than one attack DMG class, as you may notice bd use DMG class weapon (rogue) and also has more DMG that the rogue class, wrong ranger! 2. the internet was not bad, it was funcionamendo perfectly, the bd at various times can paralyze far as the internet be slow appears simbolado slow internet, and no photo is showing. 3. bd has a protective sphere that even where well remember that and a skill for wizards !! only here we can see a class that has more than dmg dmg classes as an example rogue, ranger, bd which is a class that paralyzes physical attacks by far and still have protection! in my view this is called privileges! after all I'm sure that 40% of game players are comics! elfs
  9. Hello hello !, players GMS! Marquee talk about the shaman, these latest skills of the shaman are horrible, bad, not good for anything! as anybody disadvantage to that the mcs? because you guys do not gave the last 3 skill shaman to bd or the druid? because whenever bd and druid has privileges and gain good skills? it needs to be fixed, no healer mc class has more than 1 heal as skill, are the elfs have, outside the fact that only two of the expert skill to be good for the shaman, the totten and the lightning shield, the other 3 that came after are terrible !!! already the bd skill, druid are excelent, ya never the skill bad the elf on the other hand to mcs you guys fill skill bad and causes imbalance in the game, and by that fact that the elfs are most on all servers, comics and druid most are in the game due to the privileges that you guys GMS of the classes on the side of elfs. is already more than at the time of you GMS correct it
  10. hello again expensive players and GMS! we will once again talk about privilege of elfs, this time let's talk about druid! one healer class that has 4 stuns !!! and also has an absurd where skill does any player in his dying en that this be full hp! a completely wrong, no class mc heal healer has 2 and 1 of them still do with a player dying just to be completely recovered, so this totally wrong, you demand an arena against elf, and just when it next to kill a druid to the leaves completely healed ... and that full advantage in the wars in the arena, not counting the fact that the druid had 4 stuns !! this privilege must end GMS! , You guys need to fix it because the game is quite unbalanced, elfs are the most because of that, in certain serves is up to 1 mc 7 elfs because of this imbalance of skills, you guys can not continue with this favoritism to elfs!
  11. hello everyone, hello GMS! I would even when you guys gms vain continue with this privilege that certain classes have elfs as bd, which is a tanker class (large def and atack average) however the bd uses dmg class weapon (rogue), what do becomes a great imbalance, in addition to using the rogue weapon the bd has more dmg that the rogue which is a dmg class, in my view it is the privilege, elfs always have better things that mcs, we also talk about the fact that a class that attacks physically melee hit punches the distance WHAT also wrong and needs to be fixed, let's talk also hamstring that handle far ... besides taking by far what it is wrong last long and still draws hp, apart from the fact of a class tanke have a protective sphere that in my view and magic class skill where this set of skill makes the class absurd and because of that bds, elfs are most in all the game servers, which ta fix this GMS? No I'm just one, are several that we are already tired of these privileges !!! will be posting here a picture of the exact moment when a friend of mine was estunado by bd, it is worth remembering the internet it was not slow or anything, was working perfectly!
  12. GMS finally how and what will it be? already two months that his bankrupt support this not responding to all Brazilians who spent money on your game and you guys just claimed that our sms purchases were fraud put you guys not prove anything ... I have proof that my purchases came out of my pocket and leave you guys with deep pockets. I not only as various br station outraged by how Hell are you treating the case ... so we want our accounts back only that, the accounts that you guys took us, the our investments, while I do not have mine back account'll here protesting even get my account back, I do not want to fight or anything just oqe want mine so that
  13. come again communicate how the game is being unfair to players brs, ya GMS deleted my other post. q seems Hell are you afraid that other players know the truths about WHAT is going on under the hood of these undue bans of you, the lack of respect of you against brs players, you guys treat brs players as pests, we demand respect! are your customers! and once again I will post here photo where a large mass of players br station beginning to disseminate and encourage other players to not play Warspear or just buy n mcoins, after all Hell are you in banning. "so remembering gms that the more you guys on ignore and delete our posts here more and more Brazilians no longer play your game ie less money you guys are pro pocket warning", have a nice weekend!
  14. then come again here say that something wrong is happening. again several Brazilian players took block on account of purchases of mcoins sms, took block that way and until now have evidence that bought legally put to this day I am being ignored, it is already two months and a few days and today another shipment Brazilian players led block. #die
  15. dougg

    and joke?

    you can even think our this guy is being aggressive believe more is not easy roland you waste your time and your money for 3 years or more giving prestige to the end such a thing happen, we are disgusted with this kind of attitude and worst of all support does not respond, simply revolting!
  16. dougg

    and joke?

    roland, as you can see the brs are coming to Forun complain and reevindicar their accounts, we have proof !! you guys missed GMS ugly, you guys probably the system failed and see the confusion this caused, now comes you speaking the same conversation always "seek the support", however expensive roland, the support not answering this, it is worth remembering all these who are Welcome complain are customers and some of them probably already lost the game, the question of lack of respect, and the inconvenience of you the banning of the game, already warned once and I warn again, we run the game if the accounts are not returned .
  17. dougg

    and joke?

    put al this the question, many buy by sms, that is not the problem and our not, when you buy by sms only a message on mobile phone stating that you bought the coins, now that al of several and several were banned and everyone is furious with that attitude, we want justice! I have here the proof and most also have however not support this answering anyone! approves and the message already purchase confirmation count towards credit cash value by sms.
  18. dougg

    and joke?

    come to inform GMS through this post that there is a serious mistake, you guys banned a lot of Brazil's players !. there is a community of only Brazilian players who are angered at every moment more and more station complaining about the attitude of the GMS, Hell are you claiming that our means of purchase for "sms and fraud" put several people are being blocked because of that , since not just the game be "pay to win" now besides you pay dearly for mcoins you can be banned? this involved a lot of people and money, we are organizing all players, shopping voucher of mcoins all that and try and find ourselves in the GMS justice. return the accounts of fair players or simply wait in justice! ARE NOT BLOCK OF COWARDS THAT POST BECAUSE WE ARE NOT 3 OR 4 PLAYERS NOT, WE ARE WELL better than that, MUCH MORE!
  19. tomorrow will be exactly one week without my problem is solved, no answer, I'm want to access my account from my home, so I want to play peace'm asking a lot? I'll have to buy another cumputador to play? already not just the fortunes spent on mcoins now have to buy a new phone or a computer?
  20. good afternoon, gms I wonder when the suport will actually work and will treat correctly the players? because already sent dozens of messages to the support and will not be answered, I demand respect! Besides being a former player'm a game client'm not able to access my account, always appears as locked however not blocked and whenever I try to create a new account appears q the method is invalid and sends me I register on the site, already sent more than 100 messages pro support en'm being answered until it looks like I'm being ignored! I demand respect !! I am a player and client of you and not come to me with this for we can not solve your problem because you guys can, I'm already tired of waiting and my problem is not solved all right, I'll be player and client of another game because that and a lack of respect for the player.
  21. come here to inform you brs ve suffering racism players in serving I-emerald, we are being called "black monkeys br" and being insulted by some players as "danggerous and fasismos" I wonder until when? all day danggerous offends me I have photo proving he talking racist words against me and my friends brs in the regulation of the game said it could ban the offending account, so waiting answer .. remember gms most of the players of this game are br this is already the fourth time I've been posting about this, please note that the dunggerous one of publications once again insulted me now made for all GMS see that action is taken? Where are the rules? danggerous bd lv 22 serv eu-emerald fasismos ranger lv 24 serv eu-emerald
  22. ja mandei pro suport tambem ninguem fez nada, mandei em ingles tudo certinho e ate agora nada!
  23. sabe oque vem a ser foda mesmo e que esses caras acha que estao no direito deles e o pior de tudo nao estou vendo GM nenhum fazer NADA!, eu fiz um post la na parte do emerald o mesmo DANGGEROUS foi la e mais uma vez na cara dura pros gms verem me ofendeu, publiquei isso aqui e ate agora a MODERADORA responsavel tambem nao esta fazendo nada. aonde estao sendo cumprida as regras? vale lembrar DANGGEROUS possui outra cha com o nome de HEROHITLER ou seja o cara tem ideologia nazista oque segundo o regulamento do jogo resulta em banimento
  24. eu gostaria de saber como denunciar uma pessoa por racismo porque nao so eu como outros brasileiros vem sofrendo racismo de algunas jogadores no serv eu-emerald, eu tenho prova dos racismos em fotos, os jogadores : danggerous bd lv 22 e o ranger fasismos lv 24 ja estao bastante conhecidos pelos insultos e racismo contra jogadores brs, pelo regulamento do jogo racismo resulta em banimento vale lembrar que o danggerous foi num de meus post aqui e mais uma vez me insultou.
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