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  1. filipino use that word too..indon also use that word.. ;D
  2. fuzza77

    Server down?

    same thing here... :cray:
  3. hey anyone from u know how to install warspear online in apple macbook?
  4. u pay for it..u can get it free bro.. just saying. ;D
  5. when anak panah+patah hati=heart broken arrow anak panah=arrow patah hati=break heart p/s:just tell ;D
  6. maybe after this we got scammer from asia.. :lol:
  7. salam...ade sape2 kt sni dari malaysia? kenalkn dri skit.. :search:
  8. lol ..very sad... :'(
  9. Yeah I know bro, It came to the point where that, it was either switch sides or quit WS all together....So just switched sides, love my Mage though, Fav class. About the Clan, I need people who can be on hella Looney, I'm an Artist Singer Songwriter so I'm able to be in front of the computer a lot, and have game up, it's for people who have hella time to be in front of game is all looney, works for some people, and for some It don't, this clan aint for everybody... How you been though? can i hear your song? :blush:
  10. best clan i like it :clapping:
  11. fuzza77


    sorry..my mistake i want to make guild/clan
  12. fuzza77


    what ur name..and where u from? 8)
  13. hahaha..jumpe geng da...tempah 1 sit dlm kaizen clan.. :blush: I can speak english, but severely la .. hahaha :crazy:
  14. boleh ckp melayu ke?siap bg salam 2..hehe
  15. i play warspear almost 1 year...need friend in eu emerald server 2 to help do a quest... :blush:
  16. VERY LIKE THIS IDEA..GOOD ONE! :clapping:
  17. next update we can make the guild i cant wait it..how bout u? ;D
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