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  1. maybe warlock? :spiteful:
  2. maybe arena is pvp for them.. ;D
  3. And all arena with noob random partner can lose 90% :lol:
  4. btw when i was lvl 15-17 i always go random with LOW AMP xD :facepalm: 8) so know a ppl before u judge them..want clean ratio?ok wait new season :clapping:
  5. really ? :blush: :friends: btw dont tell anyone u vote for who.. :give_rose:
  6. hahaha xD nice :clapping:
  7. u can beat any warlock if u r smart enough to play ur char ;)
  8. we always go eye :blush:
  9. i already root my phone and change custom rom ... ;D
  10. yeah socrerers :blush: thx coolstallone :drinks:
  11. guys stop fighting :facepalm:
  12. hmmm.. :facepalm: update the list now :diablo:
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