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  1. so roland play at us server :cray: come play at eu roland :blush:
  2. what class roland use?and which server? :spiteful:
  3. The most active guild :drinks: :yahoo:
  4. lol im warlock not rouge :wacko: r u ok? :fool:
  5. FFS u and lunatic the one who jump me 1st :facepalm: and now u want asking for pvp? :aggressive: im not pro ... :rofl:
  6. aww u not remember? :tease: nvmind then..im bored with drama :nea:
  7. hahaha..r u serious?call 3 elf for kill me alone? :pleasantry: if u remember i just kill u at crossing so many time also kill darkzain.. :mega_shok:
  8. ok pm me in game when u ready..peace :blush:
  9. owh my bad..i was sleepy..btw i want see u pvp he in pvp cave :give_rose: for proof its is thats he run or afk/chatting?
  10. lol 2 bds against 1 lock 2 bds ham :facepalm:
  11. same device but not same model...same device but not same net ;)
  12. yes u want all ppl attention sange kid,u the one 1st start mess with me merc O:-)
  13. :rofl: u the one is kid u want say me 10 year old? (dont bring this shit to real life dont ever dare :dirol: ) u dont want mention here u also use pot?and 1 more i use mobile net to play so i cant OP crossing like u :cray: if u not at crossing spot i will kill u easy ..
  14. aww...do i need to explain at u again?pls ..just pls tell them true story :facepalm:
  15. here is my best friend list :drinks: :friends: -saborous -lordracco -cazapollos -springy -shhhree -jaaz -rocaswag -nightgale and odjur(new friend) -fearit -nixta -kelthuzard -kidpin -localheal -snowxblack :give_rose:
  16. kill all red name :spiteful:
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