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  1. You have to be neutral towards them to be able to use it. You dont need to be friendly.
  2. Wait a minute.... You were in party with lvl 20's and you are lvl 17? And you were hunting BG (which is lvl 18 i thought). So your whole party is not lower or same level as the boss? But still you got the unity sign as a drop? That would mean the devs arent right (or we didnt understand them correctly) in that the whole party needs to have same or lower level the level of the boss.
  3. It shows every time you accept a quest. A bit annoying ;)
  4. And which one drops the unity sign?
  5. Kuzmitch already said he wont change anything about this gifts. So why keep on repeating the same suggestion over and over again when the devs already they wont do anything with it?
  6. Yeah thats right, but the one who updates the guild to lvl 2 needs 29 unity sign then. And after a while i guess the guild is going to level further, and to update the skills too. If all the updates are done by different member, at each update (skill or lvl guild) 1 personal unity sign can be used. Takes a while to get them used all, but they are not really useless then.
  7. On picture 1 you are not witdrawing gold from the storage. Only saying how much gold every member of the guild can withdraw. It says "enter daily limit for gold withdrawal from the guild storage" And then you choose what amount of each rank can withdraw. Not that you withdraw then. You can limit your members about the amount of gold the can witdraw.
  8. Then devs really need to explain more clearly how to get unity sign (and not have to buy via mcoins). What do we do wrong? C'mon devs, please explain better.
  9. Hacking isnt possible in the game, unless you gift the hacker your id and password.
  10. If you would have looked through all his topics carefully you would see what code he means.
  11. Why? I havent heard people who got unity sign as a drop from whatever boss they hunted. Or they dont dare to say it here :(.
  12. Started to play because my boyfriend played it for a while already. I made a rogue, but discovered we couldnt play together then, because he was a elf. So i made a bd. Played that till it was around lvl 15 i guess, then i started a ranger. And when the new factions came i made other chars too. Started with a warlock and a paladin, created a priest later on. So now i play on both sides. Both sides have their own great things :).
  13. Someone already got a unity sign as a drop somewhere? If yes, where?
  14. I guess you're talking about Tapjoy. Sponsorpay still works on PC. Just download warspear for your PC, go the miracle shop and you will see a big green button "earn free miracle coins". Just click that button, and in your browser will open a page with all the things you can do for the free mcoins. Good luck!
  15. Maybe they prefer you playing ws then talking to them?
  16. In the explanation (well.. the post in the update topic) of the devs they talked about mini bosses. Or they think different about mini bosses then most players do ? :( And i havent heard others who hunted eye a lot that they got an unity sign from it. Or lab doesnt count ? I dont have a clue what bosses the devs mean... :unknw:
  17. Stood for i guess more then a hour at succubus and fire-eater with my lvl 13 ranger. And with a healer (not in party) for healing. Guess i killed both around 20 times each. Only got 1 sphere of def from each of them. No unity sign :(
  18. For people who dont want to spend mcoins, hunting is the only way to be able to get a unity sign.
  19. Then i suppose my bd is just too noob to do quests like insanity in the swamp or other quests where i have to kill 6-7k mobs. Running through the maps isnt the problem, doing quests there is ;)
  20. What turned out to be the problem?
  21. After you edit, forgot what i said.
  22. I think its good. Now updates gives bugs on different devices. So if many people can test it for a few days i guess all major bugs will be found. (i dont think all bugs can be found, even at my own simple site sometimes we find a bug after the game is online for a few years). But i dont think for a beta test all players have to test it. 10% or 25% seems to be enough i guess.
  23. I want to know this too. On some chars i'm almost to the lvl 17 arena waepon. When there is going to be a reset, i guess we will hear that long before?
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