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  1. From lvl 1 to 12 you cant do dailies. But from that point of view its a good choice to get GP on 1st isle for yellow quest (the only quests they can do) And on 2nd isle only for blue ones. Then nobody has advantage. (and i'm in a guild with only 2 lvl 15's who are questing, rest is lower ;) )
  2. Why shouldnt yellow quests give you GP? A quest is a quest in my opinion. That is also the only way lower levels can be accepted in a guild. Otherwise it is useless to have them in guild till they are around lvl 12-14.
  3. I checked the three quests i have. You know.. on yellow quests you dont always have a bunch of them ;). And if its a bug, you prefer to wait questing till its fixed so then you get GP too ;).
  4. And only from 1 side, or MC/forsaken or elf/chosen... not both ;)
  5. Yeah. I know really sure the normal quests on first isle gives GP. So its strange on Irslenort that isnt the case.
  6. You're right. I see it on a lvl 12 char of mine too. Yellow quests dont give guild points.
  7. I guess i would send a ticket to support. Then you know (after you waited for a long time i'm afraid :() for sure if its a bug, or that is how it is made.
  8. On one of my low levels (first isle still) i get guild points for the normal yellow quests. All quests should give guild points (only the yellow onces on swamp dont i think)
  9. Stupid question maybe. Do you play your bd on a different device then your dk? If yes, are both updated to new version of the game? If no. I dont know :(
  10. Misunderstood something.. forgot what i said. Nothing new.
  11. I guess he isnt in those friendship/relations anymore. Just wants advice in how to recognize a fake friend.
  12. It would help if i wouldnt get a sore neck ;) But for me, your pic is neither sexy nor gay. You look kind of surprised with eyes far open and head turned. (but i already have a boyfriend, so i'm not impressed by other boys)
  13. Nice work Born :). I thought the Big Family clan doesnt exist anymore.
  14. Knows really sure now i wont put my pic here ;)
  15. Well done ABC guild :).
  16. Havent found any crashes or real bugs. Only noticed sometimes the music stops playing and only starts again after a cross. And (not a bug, just something i noticed) the battle theme sometimes starts right when the battle starts, sometimes it doesnt start, and other times somewhere halfway the battle (or a bit more to the beginning or the end of the battle).
  17. Only heir and leader can update skill level. But the increase is for every member in the guild.
  18. On the very bottom of the page is a kind of 'support' buttton (i dont know exact text of the button). Press that, then you see all offer you did, and you can report problems to them. Most of the time in a few days you get your mcoins.
  19. They havent updated yet to new version of the game i guess.
  20. Why didnt you check your warlock and priest first? Then probably you would have known he didnt hack your account. Still sad you lost your ranger.
  21. This was my observation a while ago on EU-Emerald. It hasnt changed, maybe the blocking of stairs is only more now.
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