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  1. "Yeah, as you can see" response the elf still suprised. "But how did you came here?" questions the elf again? "I must hide my door betters" she think to herself.
  2. As Born tumbles in a suprised voice says "hey, what are you doing in my house?"
  3. Why do we always have to get a broken neck to look at your pics ;)
  4. Where would others see that profile? I would see it as scary, as others can see my equip and creation date. Makes it easier possibly for scamming?
  5. Elenitza


    Maybe it helps if you choose an other avatar for you forum profile.
  6. Indeed. Most of the time Sponsorpay doesnt work right away. So then you need proof you did what they asked. So always make screenshots of keep the mails which you finished it. Then you get it in a few days. Making screenshots isnt that much work ;)
  7. The BD Firaun (former Darkzain) is still lvl 19. That one isnt deleted. If you get your account back, you still have that one. Hope its gets solved.
  8. Elenitza

    Paladin Equip

    Why BG and divine?
  9. I didnt know you ingame. But congrats with your pregnancy :)
  10. Elenitza

    Paladin Equip

    I'm not a good pala, but i'm happy with it (for now, i'm lvl 17). I'm planning to have purify 5, heal 5, aura 3 and foj 3. Then you can get to hunt, farm with the aura and heal. And with the purify and foj you're not a complete noob on arena i guess. For armor i plan to mix heroic with divine set. (but i like hunting and farming more then pvp/arena, so the resi isnt that important for me yet)
  11. Just search on your map ;) I thought 1 step left from Kamp Legion.
  12. Elenitza

    we help cl

    Only if the stairs isnt fully trapped ;)
  13. Elf: Gamark, Skuas Village (right to Dinalt)
  14. It would be good if they implemented this. But i guess they wont. This is a (not so user friendly) way of making money :(.
  15. Elenitza

    we help cl

    MC/Forsaken side? Or Elf/Chosen side?
  16. They havent updated their client yet. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=88110.0 Other thread with the same question.
  17. In the update they fixed it that items can NOT be linked in world chat. That isnt a bug. Thats how it's ment to be.
  18. Elenitza


    If trap is on higher level it is possible to have multiple traps at once.
  19. Elenitza


    Whats wrong then?
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