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    Another reason why you would want to get CL done. You can run safely in Nadir. And make war around the Nadir crossings.
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    LOL. I guess you are a mcoin user. So you are somebody who has gold to be able to buy lvl 18 equip (and probably lvl 13 too). Or you are just very lucky with hunting or in swamp. Imagine a player without mcoin and with bad luck. He/she buys lvl 9 gear, and because the lvl 12/13 is expensive he/she tries to do chainless to be able to get better equip. The step from lvl 9 gear to lvl 17/18 gear is huge. In lvl 15/16 you will be a major noob without lvl 12/13/14/15 gear (or with only quest gear). So you try to get CL done. But its close to impossible. So you get tired of the game and stop playing. Or you keep on questing and doing arena's (which you wont win easily because of the shitty equip). It will takes ages before you have gold or arena points (which only doing the free tickets) before you can finally get better equip. CL is THE route for players who dont have or dont want to spend very much time and real money on the game. You can earn gold, but that takes a lot of time, not everybody wants that for just a game. And what Tsja said is right. I play on both sides, depends on my mood on which side that is. Started as an elf. So relax. I'm not a desperate mc or something. I spend to much time on this game, so i skipped the CL. But i dont speak for my own. There are a lot of people who would be very happy with those items. But that are the people who arent active on forums i guess. And if they are, they are only called noobs and will leave forums quickly. Most of the users here on forum spend real money of very much time in this game.
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    Absolutely true. Few days ago the MC's tried. They were with 50 mc's or something. Lastmage got killed 5 times by 1 player, so he must have been killed more often then that. And that was only on 1 try. The statue is so close, its so easy to get back to the stairs. And another difference i noticed. If 1 Elf shouts in world chat "MC at...." 20 elves go their. If a MC shouts.. maybe in half an hour.. 3 mc's will go there. Once is was with only 1 druid at Gar Shag. At the start we were seen by a shaman. But we were able to kill GS 3 times (with only a druid and a priest) before they were able to kill us. Till then only 1 player tried to. The lazyness of the MC's makes it easier for the elves. And the eagerness (and being bored) to fight of the elves (who are with way more players) make it close to impossible to get CL done. A few of the ABC clan tried it, 2 lvl 20's hadnt done it yet. In their clan thread they talked about a 99,9% suicide mission. Even for ABC who are in my opinion good players.
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    You only need lake.. How many times have you tried to do that the last 6 months? Lake is the only boss for elves/chosen that is difficult. Have you ever tried playing as a MC and trying to do CL on that side? Genie, Kratt, Dinalt and Maraska and very hard bosses for MC's. Because there are about 2-3 times more elves/chosens then MC/Forsaken. And all the bosses are hunted almost 24/7 Its easy to jugde and call other desperate if you havent seen it with your own eyes. In the pic its around 11:00 now in EU (for the non EU ppl) This is normal whole day.
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    What i said somewhere in a different thread about this issue. CL for Elves/Chosen is way more easy to do then for MC/Forsaken. I see everyday more high level MC/Forsaken who still attack buyer-up. And yes, i believe that if you live in a different timezone then EU or Indonesia then it will be possible to find a time where the stairs arent that crowded. But is you dont like to play in the middle on the night, you will see every time 10-20 elves camping at the stairs. Its imbalanced. A elf/chosen can do CL at lvl 14/15. Mc/Forsaken are still not done (even if they try hard) around lvl 20. That isnt fair.
  6. After setting the shield around Male she heard his scream. She started to feel cold and week inside, she could quickly give Male a healing shot and then the only thing she saw was black around here. Last she remembers is someone grapping her so she doesnt fall that hard on the ground. Then nothing.... Time to sleep here, good night to all.
  7. While we got now the attention of all snakes and the succubus after Borns earthquake. "she must have had surgery", Elenitza thinks quickly when she really saw the succubus. She decides to give Male a new shield so can stand the hit of the tail. And poures Tears on the succubus hoping they will fall on the snakes too...
  8. I thought more or less the same :P. What is it on the pics Mecha?
  9. Elenitza switches quickly to full astral gear and put a shield around Maleshaman. "Good luck Male, we protect you" Then she watches in fear when the succubus comes closes, she never saw something like that before.
  10. Elenitza heard both talking about where they last saw the other friends. She says: "It's up to you to decide what comes first, looking for friends or succubus. The only thing i can saw that how older the traces are the more difficult it could be to follow them"
  11. "They said i had other strange things which doesnt belong to elves. But that isnt of your business for now." Elenitza isnt ready yet to trust the shamans that good to tell them the whole story about why she got kicked. "Thank you for the welcome and being friendly to me", she smiled towards Maleshaman. Then she turns to Born too, waiting for his answer. After Borns quick reply she turns to both and asks them: "Where have you seen them the last time? Elven are known to be good in tracking how animals and humans walk in the forests, maybe i can help you."
  12. Elenitza saw the two friends hugging each other and was getting curious about their culture. "Hi Maleshaman, i'm Elenitza, nice to meet you. As i told your friend already i was kicked out from my own community because i had interest in other cultures too. I would like to learn about your culture and stuff. But i guess we dont have time for that now?"
  13. The shaman and priest where close to the caven when Elenitza stood still and listened. She heared someone running towards them from the other side of the cave. A few moments later she saw another shaman rushing towards them. She quickly protected herself with a shield and hided a bit behind Born, hoping it was the friend he was talking about.
  14. Virnha’s Story Virnha is deep in thought as she sits in front of her house: “Owh, why didn’t I stay at Wolf’s Dale. It was such a peaceful place after all. Here at Puma’s Valley they only talk about fighting, war, tactics, chosen and firstborn. They promised me rich lands, excellent views, very good food and a lot of drinks. And what did I get? A house of piles of wood and stones and the promise after war all gets as promised“, she is muttering sadly. “After war….” she says ironically. “That war takes years already and it doesn’t seem to come to an end. Every day I see more wounded people and more young warriors eager to join in the war.” “But still, what did the firstborn and chosen do to us? Once in a while I see some of them enter our village, but they look so cute sometimes”, she thinks to herself. “At Wolf’s Dale the only problems I encountered where animals that got strange behaviour once in a while. But well, there I could go for a walk and have a look at the sunset. And I could gather beautiful stones and pieces of wood. I could make the most beautiful jewellery from whole Godgorrath“, muttering sadly as the memories of her old home came back to her. She continues her muttering in a sad mood: “And here? What can I do? Nothing. Only sit back and wait till this war is over. It is so boring over here. If I only could make jewellery again, I would be a bit happier. But wait. A lot of travellers pass by here every day and I see my husband Gudbrand having business all day.” After she sat thinking for a while she muttered: “I can make my own business here. Nobody wears beautiful jewellery on this Irselnort. I go ask travellers if they can bring me polished fangs. Then I’m going to make a lot of necklaces. With my own business I will become a famous jewellery maker all over Irsnelnort, well maybe not all over, I doubt the chosen and firstborn will get to know about me”. She happily walks back into her house to start her business and thinks happy: “I will survive till the end of the war”.
  15. I see it on the guild list too. Still his old name.
  16. I go to sleep now, good night :)
  17. "I'll take the risc then. I go along with you." She thinks to herself "and if they arent friendly to me, i know the woods better then them and i can walk much faster here" "Okay, lets go then. First we walk a bit to the east till we pass the three great stones, there we turn north till a point i can describe. The wood is different there, you will see it when we are there. There we get back west, and follow the remains of what was a little river a long time ago. Then we circled around the puma's who live in front of the succubus cave. So if you mind lose me somehow, you have a little clue of how you should walk." After her speech she walks towards the door and turns around to the shaman. "Dont call my house extravagant till you have seen other elven houses. Then you can compare and have an opinion" Then she walks into the forest.
  18. Elenitza is in doubt now, she thought that one mc more would be possible. But more? Would they accept her or just kill her. "Can you make sure that your friends wont attack me if i walk along with you?" Gathering food and a little book into a bag and getting her staff already. "I know where the succubus lives, there are more ways to get to that place, a short one with puma's on it. And a few a bit longer ones. But how much longer depends on how fast you can walk in the forest". Elenitza sits down on a chair waiting his answer about her safety.
  19. Elenitza is still wondering what Born is up to. So she decides to ignore his question about the food and replies: "What are you plans for today? Go to search for you friend in the woods or hoping you find him or her in the Scouts Camp?" Elenitza thinks the shaman isnt hostile to her and because she had lived alone for a while she is happy to be able to talk to someone. "Maybe if you wish i can walk along with you for a while. I know the forest good."
  20. The elf thinks over his request about who she is. She understands it is a bit odd. "Well, i'm Elenitza an elven priest. I got kicked out of my former community because of all the books i read. They didnt accept me to read books from other cultures. So i got into this house a few years ago." She let her words sink for a moment and starts to eat too. "I havent seen any speaking creatures since then." She says a bit sad. "Tell me more about your friend and what you where up to. This isnt the most safe forest if you dont know the way."
  21. Waiting till it switches again and sponsorpay is back ;)
  22. The elf sat in her kitchen when the man entered. "Here get something to eat. And tell me who you are and what brought you in this foreign country. You dont seem to be on a holiday or so" She says calmly to him. She noticed the man looked like he didnt sleep for the night with bags under his eyes. And he smells a bit like her library, how much she cleans there, she cant get rid of a bit of musty smell there. Does he have something to hide? Or does he have problems?
  23. When the sun starts to shine again the elf wakes up. She sees her house isnt as clean as it would be normally, but she doesnt seem to mis something. Would the man still be in her house? She goes to the kitchen to make a good breakfast, if the man is in the house he will follow the smell of food.
  24. The elf doesnt know what to do. "Should i send him away, would he be nice to an female little elf?" "You look tired, so get some sleep. And this place, just my humble home" She opened a door to a sleeping room. "go in there, i wont harm you", at least for now she thinks. After she brought the man to the room, she went to sleep for herself too. But not after putting a shield around her. Last thing she thought before she fell asleep was "it was a busy day this day, the man had a bad timing now. And he is right about the big tree, i should have chosen a smaller one". i'm going to bed now, so have fun in my house. Dont make a mess of it ;)
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