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  1. But the same can happen if you are hunting a boss with 3 priests. They can heal as much as 3 druids who get their heals stacked. So now there is a disbalance between instant heal and 'normal' heal. Edit: i dont say it should be changed. For me its fine the way it is now ;)
  2. Mars, Venus, Jupiter? Or something like that ;)
  3. Elenitza


    I guess swamp isnt made for minions. Just dont use them there ;)
  4. Good luck in real life Seb. I will miss the talks and playing together!
  5. If you all learn to read carefully you would have known all GP and stuff will get restored ;)
  6. Shop is unavailable now. I guess thats the reason of the server stop ;). Devs thanks for this action :).
  7. That ranger minion is Dead Huntsman. I thought there was another quest who gave scrolls, but cant remember now.
  8. I like the minions. The healer minion can be very usefull while questing for a non healer class. The only thing i would like to see is under players name little bars with HP/mana and lifespan (maybe a yellow bar with gets smaller) so you can see if the minion needs heal or time to regenerate and when it runs (dies) away. And i think its is good you can get those minions with daily quests.
  9. If you like coop games. Maybe you like Pandemic (with the expansion) and Police Precinct too. Pandemic is a coop about you saving the world from diseases. With the expansion you get 3 extra scenario's one being the bio-terrorist (1 against the others). Police precinct is also a coop but as the title says with a police theme. Played it yesterday for the first time with friends.
  10. I have more favorites at this time. Stone Age is a favorite. A worker-placement game. Betrayal at the house on the hill. Coop game where around halfway the games turns and it becomes 1 against the others. I love a lot more games, but i guess these two are played most last time. The game Bloody talk about reminds me a bit of Blue moon. But i guess Blue moon is easier.
  11. Sad :(. It isnt very user friendly. Can imagine it pisses player off, and they decide to leave game or stop buying mcoins. Wonder if this helps them earning more.
  12. I guess this are really test weapons only devs use for testing if there are bugs. But with the normal weapons it takes more time for killing mobs and bosses. So then comes this in... easy and quick testing. I doubt this will become reality.
  13. Elenitza

    Gold bags

    It will make it easier for rich people. I guess it wont change something for less rich ones.
  14. Woohoo :D. Thanks for the price devs :D. And congrats to all the other winners too.
  15. Elenitza


    Yeah. I'm sure it wasnt a priest and it happened once outside arena too. I wasnt lagging that time.
  16. Elenitza


    Week passed. No one who can help me on this?
  17. Elenitza saw the friends were save for now. So she said "i have to go home, there are problems there" Dont have internet next week. So enjoy the game!
  18. Tomorrow morning i'll leave for a holiday of a week. So i work myself out of the story then.
  19. Elenitza


    I noticed today and a time ago i could get it on another player. So the blue was on my partner and an opponent. I did that once before, but also accidentally. This time i didnt even wanted it. But how do you do that? I tried to get it with mobs, but then i only get the blue buff around myself. Can someone explain me how i get the buff around a partner?
  20. As the earthquake hit the ground she started to wake up slowly. Her vision a bit blurred she saw more people then two. She decided to do as if she was still fainted till she was more clear in thought and in sight.
  21. Elenitza

    Lv10 Arena Setup

    Its level 10 Male. Then you can only have 1 skill on 5 and 1 on 3.
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