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    For Newbies

    Wouldnt it be an option to code "ban z/t.... " (his name that never changes) *
  2. http://warspear-online.com/en/download At the bottom of the page ;) Thats no difference with a version uploaded from a pc user.
  3. Its in you message inbox. First accept the quest again, then open the message and put in into your bag.
  4. Bloodylips, i guess this topic is a bit what you were looking for? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=95874.0
  5. Elenitza

    Bug or what

    I saw today a lvl 8 do the same quest.
  6. Yesterday i saw if you complete a quest you dont get a minion anymore. Is that on purpose or is it a bug?
  7. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=81677.0 Topic with all bosses and their drops ;)
  8. Good luck in what you need to do Yasir. We'll see you back later!
  9. Its weekend for them too now ;)
  10. What do you want Yasir? How much trouble are you going to make ;)
  11. Already kicked you Male :(
  12. Shitley, forum time can be edited so it fits in your own timezone i thought.
  13. Its only for lazy people who dont like to walk a bit ;) So i dont see the purpose of this.
  14. Guys and Girls.. i'm curious how the story continues... so i bump this thread ;)
  15. Elenitza


    EU- Emerald.But on the forums i prefer to keep to English language. For talking Dutch you can PM me ;)
  16. Elenitza


    I'm Dutch too, but i dont know those bands either ;). Only the Opposites.
  17. No. But the risc of scamming and so on is yours. Dont blame the devs if that happens.
  18. 7 MB free space is not really much. Could be to less for the phone to work good.
  19. I noticed a lot of players who seemed not to know what is the best tactic to get help with difficult quests / minibosses and bosses. Of course this wont work with all players because everybody is different. Just a few tips for making it easier and probably quicker to find the needed help. DONT's: - Keep inviting people in party, thats is very annoying if they are questing or doing something else. - Only saying "help" DO's: - Be clear in what you want, say "need help with.... " Is it a miniboss? A red boss? How much HP he has? It is difficult to help with someone you dont know wh
  20. I think this is a good suggestion. After the guild i was in, got deleted by the leader who stopped playing warspear. I dont like to go into a guild again. Costed me a lot of time to earn GP and gold for unity signs and so on. For what? So someone can delete all? If the above suggestion would be there, i would dare to go in a guild again.
  21. He wrote that end of 2011.... Before lab.
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