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    That is the attack bug at neutral spot. Look at support and you will find different threads about the same issue.
  2. Few months back we got 2 times chests shortly after another. In the years before that we never got. They had something to celebrate when we got (5th year anniversary and 3 milion players). Dont count you get them more often.
  3. Elenitza


    It helps if you say which server and which side ;)
  4. Elenitza

    Astral Ways.

    Its a good map :).
  5. Derpin isnt elf side.
  6. Nobody forces you to play the event. You can just continue playing ws like normally :P. Daily quests and so dont change during event.
  7. Do a lot of daily quests. Dont report/finish the quest, but sell the needed stuff on market ;)
  8. Dapper hoor. Reageren in een taal die niet herkent wordt door google translate.
  9. It isnt ended too soon. They said at the start it would last a month. And if its ends the 20th is has lasted a month. So nothing with 'ending sooner then wanted'.
  10. Yes you said. Not directly. You said only rich noobs like the event. I said i liked it ;). So who needs to re-read?
  11. Be happy they try to make an event. Maybe next time there isnt an event, happy then? I can imagine AIgrind thinking "only complaining all the time, then we wont make events anymore" And have you measured the amount of players being happy? How then? And for the record, i'm not a rich noob.... For lower level players the event is good.
  12. Stop complaining. I like the event the way it is now. And cant wait till the new isle comes :D Looks good devs!
  13. If you keep you password and code to nobody you wont get scammed or hacked. So thats a bad excuse for having more accounts then allowed ;)
  14. Elenitza

    harads tears

    If you prefer farming (pve) i suggest choosing 5 heal, 5 shield and 5 tears. And yes you have more chance on multiple tears with higher skill level.
  15. What male says is correct. And you need to be lvl 2 or 3 before you can join.
  16. Or buy mana pots on market. Then you can solo it ;)
  17. ( Ultra-lord® ), did you read it right? It isnt stated in the announcment as 'A whole month' but as 'THE whole month' which can be read in two ways ;) . If it was stated as for a whole month there was no need to ask ;) ๓ęçђą ↯ şąเұąŋ, Thanks Mecha :) . I was just curious about duration :P
  18. Can somebody help me on this matter? Please?
  19. Be patient. You will see in world chat when they are trying to do that quest. Its a hard quest only questers can do. So you need to have enough questers to be able to finish the quest.
  20. This was stated in the announcement. But as English isnt my mother language i have a little problem with understanding the 'for the whole month' part.Does that mean the event ends the end of octobre? Of that the event lasts a month (and will end halfway novembre)? Can someone (i prefer a dev ;) ) explain this to me?
  21. I did. You only say you need it. You didnt say you downloaded it from the website already. ;) But then it has to be something with cache. Deleted all tempory files already?
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