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    Server down?

    If it's realy an attack as you are saying. You are at least part of it by knowing they are doing it, and not trying to stop them. So at least you can be seen as an accomplice. You can be very proud to yourself. But i guess its just the pre-update problems and you are a little kid trying to get attention.
  2. Can i ask you to pic other picture in your signature? That flashing thing is quite annoying.
  3. Elenitza


    Good luck with the clan. You know samlor is a scammer? Do you want that kind of people in your clan?
  4. Congrats to all the winners! You did a very good job. Enjoy your mcoins ;)
  5. Nice actions :). Hope i can join once ;)
  6. I think i should choose stone instead of warp. But first thing i should up is fireball.
  7. Thanks for the nice comments :)
  8. My posters. Hope you like them.
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