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  1. When i had more spare time i played Final Fantasy X often.
  2. Looks great devs :D. Cant wait for the update. And it seems you can enter before being lvl 20 :)
  3. Elenitza

    Just a LOL story

    ROFL :D. Great story.
  4. When you posted that, on EU its was in the middle of the night. Most of the people sleep at that time. The devs shall answer you sooner or something later. But give them their sleeping time. And its work better if you sent an email to the support team. Links can be found in the signatures of r0land and Snorlax.
  5. No. You only level by doing quests, and those are pve.
  6. Can you explain me how brave it is to kill 1 ranger with almost a full party? I dont understand O:-)
  7. PC screen is even smaller then my little phone with only a 3,2'' screen... A tablet can almost see the whole area. So yeah.. pc have advantage, but also disadvantage.
  8. I'm from the Netherlands.
  9. Totally agree with that :D. To whatch and to do (or try to do) myself. Edit: I like to whatch horseriding and swimming too.
  10. Elenitza

    minion ideas

    Nice suggestion. But i think then there should be an option too to change you're minion. On lvl 6 i can imagine you think different about the minion thats suits you then at for example lvl 15 or 20. But that should not be possible to easily.
  11. But thats different arena levels in the opposing group. In the ss of Tsja a lvl 11 and a lvl 8 were together.
  12. I saw more often that people from different arena levels, fight in arena against each other. But never saw they had to do arena together.
  13. For full support you need at least lvl 5 shield and lvl 5 heal. Then you have 4 points left (on lvl 20) to spend on other skills. I dont know exactly what would be wise then. For more easy leveling you need to do some damage. But you can later on buy an item (book of oblivion) and reset and rearrange you skill points. So if you make mistakes now, you can errange them later on. I dont know what pk is. So cant help you with that. The only place at lower levels where you can pvp is in arena, but there it is 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5. On first isle where you will be till around lvl 12, there is no opposing faction. So there you can quest save. Since you are a priest, other chosen and elves cant attack you. Mountain Clans (MCs) and forsaken can do that (and will do that on 2nd isle). If you were able to do some quests en equip you're weapon you can learn during the game. On which server do you play?
  14. Elenitza

    Caravan's Passage

    Thats more equal then on EU server. Then i can imagine people say "there is no problem doing cl". On EU however there is a big difference, and i wonder if that is how it should be. I dont think the stair are the problem, the campers there are.
  15. Totally agree with that. I noticed most of the times it are the high levels killing the low levels. Low levels look like to leave each other, and high level look like they leave each other too. But as a low level facing a high level, you have a hard time in swamps. Do the high levels see that as fun? Killing someone far lower level? Is that giving them a feeling of 'i'm a good player, i can kill people'. You can get that feeling too on other places and not disturb in something which costs so many time and luck to get to.
  16. Elenitza

    Caravan's Passage

    Thats not an answer to my question. I asked if there is a difference between doing cl on US server and on EU server. I repeat the question then. At what level do most of the elves/chosen get their cl done? And at what level do most of the mc's/forsaken get their cl done? At your US-server.
  17. Elenitza

    Six Shadows

    What time and what server? :P
  18. I cant answer all your question. But about skill build in the 'class discussion' part of this forum you can find of every class threads about the skill build. So i suggest you look over there to find your answer.
  19. What time is it at your place? Here its noon/afternoon already :P. Good day!
  20. Elenitza

    Caravan's Passage

    If it would be so easy as you say jizzsaw. Explain the observation stated above :P. The observation from above is from EU-emerald. You play on US. I dont know if there is a difference between at what level elves/chosen and mc/forsaken do their chainless.
  21. Maybe its just a misunderstanding. But still it is a strange way of testing your friends.
  22. In the big dungeon from the spiders.
  23. Nice pic. Beautifull eyes you have.
  24. MC: Vistain (right area of bandit rigde)
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