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  1. Good guide. The only thing is, i think for healers, doing quests is easier. The ravva amulets quest for example for a non healing class is difficult (or i do something wrong).
  2. There is. Just dont put them in the guild warehouse ;). Simple as that.
  3. Leveling up isnt supposed to be easy. This suggestion is only for the lazy people who dont want to exchange.
  4. If you drop items now you cant pick them up, neither can you opponents. I guess that wont change.
  5. On update that will be fixed. Dont know anymore where snorlax or Roland said that. But after update you cant link items to alliance chat.
  6. If its the daily quest for fats, tongues and ghostly biles you can sell them easily 4-5 times a day. I have done that multiple times. And yeah, on some days its bad luck, but on others you keep gathering those because they get sold that fast.
  7. Yeah, you could still end up with a full lock party. But i guess that finding random 5x5 is very difficult. I doubt if it that would work with the timer and so. But for 2x2 it can work and make it more balanced. I happens to much you keep getting with the naked guy, or half naked or whatever. And you keep face the same party. I agree this systeem might not work on 5x5. On 3x3 i dont know. On 2x2 i think it would balance it a bit better.
  8. Wrong section ;). This is the EU-Emerald part of the forum ;)
  9. Great idea. As other players already said. Its *** annoying if someones keeps inviting you when you are in arena or something like that.
  10. Or they have to keep a timer or something. And if you have waited for xx time, then your opponts could be all people. Random and party. Then you have both. The random vs random (and party vs party) but if too less people are online you still get random vs party if you have waited for xx time. Then the only question would be what xx should be.
  11. bumb this one :P. I'm typing too fast... Get mutes every time i'm just laughing with friends in party/guild chat. Gets annoying.
  12. Elenitza

    Skill build

    Maybe i overlooked it, but i couldnt found a good thread about the skill build of a priest. What kind of skill build is good for each playing style? Pvp, PvE and so?
  13. Still usefull for other people with the same question ;)
  14. I guess september. Last big update took about 3-4 months to come afther the 'in develpmoment' thread about it.
  15. Thats only for the daily discount. Not for the 50% anniversary discount i guess.
  16. I agree with you. Its annoying if i go random i keep on facing the same party against me. And then peopla say "wait for a while", but even if i wait for an hour, the next demand, i face them again. So against ticket spammers, waiting doesnt work. So random vs random and party vs party would be better balanced.
  17. From 90 chests i got 2 costumes, Illusion Shield, 4x Rune of Fortitude, Rune of Reflection, Rune of Healing, 3x Rune of Darkness, 2x Rune of Defence, Moon Rune, Set of Dark Fighter's Runes, Crystal of Permeation, Crystal of Guille (dagger), Crystal of Goodness (mace), Set of Mage's Crystals, 1 sign, 1 extra pocket, 3 repair scroll, 10x teleportation scroll, Market Stall. I guess i was lucky.
  18. Congrats with this archievement! Keep up the good work.
  19. I play on EU server and most of the time there is a moment or an area without a queue. And yeah, sometimes it takes some time before the queue is gone or you find an empty place. I can understand your point in that you dont wait, but dont get suprised people are going to hate you and you are called a stealer. Because that is what you are then.
  20. Its weekend now, so i guess you have to wait till tomorrow.
  21. Everybody has the same risc as you have. Probably it took them also long to get in that place. So if you steal it, you put other on a higher risc of getting killed. Thats not very kind. So if there is a queue before you. Just log out, and log back in after a while.
  22. MC: Ingolv, Leeward Isle. (that isle under Armor Cliff)
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