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  1. So the healers are stronger in arena? Where druids and shamans where strong already... (more moon/dark/sun then astral)

    And they are weaker in hunting? (more astral then attack). So for hunting 2 healers are needed now to be able to hunt even a easy boss?

    What is this?

    I thought it would be balanced. And that amping wont be that much of an influence. But i guess i was wrong :(.

    The rich, high amped players are the winners of the update.

    The poorer, low/mid amped players are the losers for sure.


    And i think the difference between healing magic and attacking magic was good. Players needed to think a bit about their equipment. Everybody could make own decisions. Now i guess everybody goes the same. :(

  2. Maybe something different would be better than anything here yet..  :/ Mostly Anime and "Forum" wallpapers. Now I have WoW Warlords of Draenor, and in second screen I have ESO


    Isnt my sunset different?

  3. Thans for the reply Snorlax.

    I'll think it over if i keep to the numbers or switch to email.


    What happens with my account when i get a keylogger on my device? ( i guess it wont happen.. but just to know)

    Everybody know all firewalls and anti-virus software are always 1 step behind the virusmakers.


    Can i still get it back when i kept my login to the numbers?

  4. Cant find the topic about it quick now.

    But a while ago a topic was about the bone shield and how much it was affected by the def and astral the player had. It was affected, but i dont know in which way anymore.


    So if someone can find that topic ;)

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