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  1. ;D This kind of paladin brotherhood I'm seeking for so long What is the leader nickname in game, for sure I will join even melee classes is imbalance in this game. But my dream is walking in the lab with horde of paladin would be awesome I will inform you my paladin name soon, for sure its a totally noob :drinks:
  2. :drinks: ty to mrseby, shyleen and starr
  3. :shok: wow! really awesome! you should just attach the 2nd design since only one design allow per person
  4. ;D ty, made by photoshop cs3 and takes 5 hours to design it
  5. Kaizen Clan Emblem Description: - Shield is the symbol of protector - Golden Helm on top of the shield means that each of the member is a guardian - "Kaizen" word in the center of the shield means "change for the better" with the red color representing spirit The Emblem means: We are the guardians, the protectors that united to change Arinar world for the better home!!!
  6. What your opinion about this one-handed DK stat?
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