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    Soulstar got a reaction from REAPER in [2016.04.27] Update Warspear Online 5.7 “Temple of Seals”. Release   
    He is right. Even though I can't speak russian, I don't think it's a important matter.  By the way, you do realize that doing that would greatly increase the admins' workload, I hope?  And you can always use google translator, unless you're too lazy to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V 
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    Soulstar reacted to Nosotraes in Star Wars in Warspear?   
    If it doesn't violate the copyrights, I don't see a problem.
    Of course the skins and costumes shouldn't look exactly like the real ones, but more like a big reference to them.
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    Soulstar got a reaction from GRAAv in Quitting the Warspear empire   
    Cya Graav, good luck with the Xbox   plan. And harsh   and trustworthy   words as always. Good luck out there, biggo.   I'll be watching over MCs while you're out.  
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    Soulstar reacted to MCocktail in is this legal?   
    Because we like the game.
    One cant be dumb enough to fake a vote for 3 set quest items
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    Soulstar got a reaction from Turtle in Kadom The Tank   
    Go for it Turtle, nice boss (it really looks like a Pokémon xD). The name of the little elf made me ask myself about which of our two Jasons you turned into a slave at Moraktar xD. It's quite good, though I think the story needs a bit more of work. Anyway, good luck Turtleman.
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    Soulstar got a reaction from GRAAv in Jaalax, Taker of Worlds   
    S*** that haters, this is Graav The Black Hunter.   Great artwork and epic story, Graav. The best I have seem until now. Good luck, even though you may not even need it. (Nice job showing those haters their rightful places;))
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    Soulstar got a reaction from Turtle in [2015.06.09] Unique Surprise Chests for everyone!   
    Nice bribe you got there... I can't refuse to vote for WSO for android award anyway, it's the most addictive MMORPG in my list (this versatility of multi-platform overwhelms other MMORPGs. Good luck with that. Let the simple, good and old 2d defeat those 3d wannabes.  
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    Soulstar got a reaction from XreaperX in Create your boss!   
    People are way too excited... Just look on that number of multi postages.
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    Soulstar got a reaction from nikdevil in Create your boss!   
    People are way too excited... Just look on that number of multi postages.
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    Soulstar reacted to r0land in Create your boss!   
    Greeting, brave warriors, what a lovely day today, isn't it?

    World of Arinar in need, in need of your creativity and extraordinary powers.
    What happened this time? We really want to announce a new epic contest, we want you to CREATE a BOSS!
    Think you're ready for this task? Good, good, check participation conditions below:

    1. Create a topic in this forum section (Create your boss! contest), it's name should be a name of your boss.
    2. In the topic you should provide a story of your boss (where he came from and what he wants i.e.)
    3. You have to describe his behaviour on a map and his skills.
    4. And you also should draw him in details (on a sheet of paper or in any editor).

    This contest will last one month and will consist of 2 stages:
    first stage - 3 weeks. During this stage we accept you bosses on our forum.
    second stage - 1 week. You vote for every participant of the contest in social networks, winner of this voting will be awarded with a special prize.
    From our side we choose 5 finalists and decide who will get the main prize.
    Our contest begins 20.05.2015 (today). You entries will be accepted until 11.06.2015, results and rewards will be announced on 22.06.2015.
    What are the prizes? Let's check them out:

    1 place - your boss will be added to our game + you can ask for any in-game item + 26500 Miracle coins
    2 place - you will get any in-game costume you choose + 17500 Miracle coins
    3 place - you will get any weapon you choose + 8400 Miracle coins

    4 place - 5000 Miracle coins + 10 surprise chests
    5 place - 3500 Miracle coins + 10 surprise chests

    Special prize for social networks voting:
    6666 Miracle coins + "Love" smile pack

    Never limit your fantasy, create and glorify yourself in Warspear Online forever!
    Good luck everyone!
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    Soulstar got a reaction from jorge in [2015.02.17] Warspear Online 4.7: Birth of the Tempest. Release.   
    Warspear 3 hours = Real world 6 hours   
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    Soulstar got a reaction from Nosotraes in Random weather and some other things.   
    Some may think it's dumb or useless adding weather\time effects but, that is a good idea of increasing gameplay interactvity, since we won't be always looking to the same view all time (it's as good as putting some epic music!), think about Pokémon game series, that small change in G\S\C (adding time of day) did not only add more fun to game, but also better dynamics, because you could find different nice things regarding the ToD (time of day). By the way, adding weather effects could also change some mechanics like, ie. During thunderstoms any eletric-based (ie. Shaman's stunning move) attack's effectiveness would be increased X%, or during rain any fire-based attacks (ie. Mage's Fireball) would be decreased X%. Those are some nice ideas you could think about adding to game, because it would add lot of fun to gameplay. Thanks for reading (if you read that all), Tiberium.
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