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  1. True, but don't care about that, legends [/size] are made by the fans
  2. RU-Ruby And US Saphire is Zeusxelie vs Absalom you guys should pvp sometime and make a vid , Congratz to all winners!
  3. They will not add it, it's writen in the 4.3 annoucement thread. Read it attently and you will notice! Best regards!
  4. THEMERCS awesome guild, Gogo Zeus!
  5. Suggest you to save as many gold as you can and wait for level cap to stabilize before wasting $$$ and getting outdated in a month. Best of luck!
  6. Since when you pro? My vote is Physik! (Go go Jakie)
  7. Much more Android users than Symbian, although Android has less issues, that's why not much of them in forum. Btw i was a Symbian user too so i know how you guys fell, but my new Android phone much better than my Nokia 5233.
  8. Symbian shit, trade to android :spitefull:
  9. Nice idea but a bit too much "locks", btw it's not "cheat" it's smartness. But even leader can't kick... It's not ok lol. Best Regards, Tibby.
  10. US-Saphire MCs so selfish... And ty Sneaky, if werent you it would take months for me to do Genie.
  11. Can't fix Symbian, the problem is at the own phone that cant support Warspear because of low ram memory, it is still playable, but the crash problems can't be fixed unless we go back to version 3.8
  12. MCs are always likely to win althought Elf get more places
  13. Nice tourny SiThLoRdS and THEMERCS you owe that best regards from Tibby!
  14. mSoHigh, Tiberium, Fukszosboy, nabnecro, Ogag, chianti, lemeswap, Despair, Deltaman, fghty, Mercurry, merticle, tictoc, lydiathai, Betyar, Daeron, Koff, Kiligour, Shilan, Physik, Erta06, ouzaiir, Sorem, meysam, angkorian, verack, cybernem, TaPP, Animagic, coldravens, Exedra, Nielsen, xanrufenolx, taccu12, Sneakypaly, EPiR, Jigsaw-PZ, devilrokas, shisuii, neelam, Spik, Snaipp, qillazzidxx, efeso, CoeurDeBombe, Deadgodlt, HeBi, Hellflame, vinessn, ajikhaire2, Madlock, Patira, Cikoboll, LuizFRLima, Rokzz, Mscristinn, Munra, hamzza, ahmtkyn, riizki, jairosito (+ 2 Hidden) and 138 Guests are viewing this topic. A bunch of people wew
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