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  1. Great update, time to get some job for my necro , btw cool Joker theme there, your drawers hv are stylish
  2. Could someone explain what does that reffer to?
  3. =_= My, my, I were hyped af, went to school, spent six hours there, came back home and still in maintenance. I woke at 5:00 am (server stop) went to school 6:50 am and came back home 12:40 pm =_= =_= and hyped af all this time =_= Now I got to wait anyway aww -.-''
  4. I think that the reason for them to be [None] at the start is so that players try to get it with more motivation and be able to “test" it without worrying about not being able to resell it. The equipped ones will probably be unequiped and put on the owner's bag with [Equiping] parameter.
  5. Cya Graav, good luck with the Xbox plan. And harsh and trustworthy words as always. Good luck out there, biggo. I'll be watching over MCs while you're out.
  6. Some people say that MC t5 center is an "Ampspot". But, well, It's up to the binary codes to decide whether you will amp or not. "Sm ke B mb!"
  7. Here is why: If the mcoin prices are low ===> people stop buying it for sale ===> the people who used to buy the mshop items via gold through sellers see themselves forced to directly buy it ===> probably more profit, or maybe not because you gotta buy a lot to get enough gold to buy other stuff. The prices as they're now are good for the people who can't\doesn't want to buy mcoins with money, the frequent sales are keeping the prices low. It's good for most of the players who never buy (as if) or almost never buy mcoins, but bad for those players who buy mcoins frequently.
  8. Snorly, is the Android game client available at Play Store? Late edit: It looks like it's already available at Play Store. Thanks for the fast update, on this part.
  9. Looks like they're starting from the less populated ones... See ya in three hours, US-Sapphire!
  10. I think I remember your char's nickname, are you from US-Sapphire?
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