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  1. Rogue - Jesenia and Spypro Shaman - Molasba (inactive) Barbarian - Destkillu Deathknight - Maaraa Warlock - (well we need one) Necromancer - Rakshax and Evilhealrx Ranger - Growupkid and Shuggar Druid - Obluntz Bladedancer - Bladegodx Paladin - Dragonskey Mage - (I saw a +10 mage but I forgot the name) Priest - none
  2. Best lvl 10s in my opinion: >MCs Shamans -Ryderx -Molasba Rogues -Jesenia -Spypro (He's kinda ok) -Rkillz Barbarian -Destkillu Warlocks -Superxnova -Kashka (Both inactive ) Necromancers -Rakshax -Evilhealrx -Demonrose -Elasines -Frogl (I super like them even though we couldn't win vs 2 strong rangers ) Deathknights -Maaraa -Frostwrath (Quitted) >Elves Rangers: -Yasopp -Xznamzx -Vubro -Shuggar Bladedancers -Bladegodx -Soulvent -Imroronoa (Some name like that ) Druid -Obluntz Priest -Xjanux Paladin -Dragonskey Idk any good mages I'll include my list of shtty players Lunarhound Kameha Averchiat Decimatex Xso
  3. I'm proud to be a noob :D

  4. OMG Spittle's my Necro He's noob I'm sorry I wanna pvp him again after I upgrade stuff
  5. LvL 6 Mcs: Rogues: [*]Apocrapo [*]Vadacross [*]Dimmunyo [*]Dumdick [*]Littless Barbs: [*]Stasmuerto [*]Xxdimmuxx [*]Granbarb [*]Scoutscamp [*]Mcgoddess Shamans: [*]Pvproman [*]Bysnakejr Necromancers: [*]Alitizzzzz [*]Aamon [*]Mythrog [*]Kussnovipx [*]Zilage [*]Improve [*]Hellbringe Warlocks: [*]Gead [*]Dutchxhero [*]Dampeer [*]Frostlockx Deathknights: [*]Flotsan [*]Vokzxkillz [*]Niloni [*]Abaddoon
  6. Great Story :good: What hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye. :'(
  7. My noob level 6 arena characters: :lol: :lol: :lol: 1. Clicked - Rogue 2. Blaaaaast - Shaman 3. Outrageous - Paladin 4. Ict - Ranger 5. Deaux - Bladedancer 6. Exploud - Barbarian 7. Spittle - Necromancer The other ones are: :bad: :bad: :bad: 1. Unexpected - DK 2. Eux - BD 3. Shadowlock - Warlock
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