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  1. new guild rules leader will change to other guild membee.how this possible to make.we put our MONEY,time and gold but other player get our guild??this bullshit.and we know guild very expensive.how can this happen?one more things where is our right here?we put our money to develop guild suddenly its go to others people.we can predict in future.really is we want login every day.but sometimes something happen.so here i disagree this rules.its like aigrind want robs us.please give your comment.thank you.p/s:sorry about my english

  2. you all realise or not this forum not helping you all.and my topic about ducking pop up seem i cannot reply.and the answer from moderator "we cannot do anything".look like moderator here just only puppet.what a stupid jobs in earth.sorry guys you all never help at all.what i thinking you all work on your boss(aigrind).dog of aigrind.hey guys suck all that balls.thats your jobs guys.hate it?ya thats i want.

  3. minion got weakness.1)walking at back there.when you been attack that minion cannot help in time. 2)minion very heavy take a walk.like pull a donkey.imagine if you want escape from enemy ambush? 3)not all player will use it due its weakness and price.just player come from rich family will use it.(so minion not worth idea at all)

  4. hello i'm here open this issue.hope can open eyes for this game provider to check it or monitor firstborn side player.before throttle skill mc and forsaken.i have blade dancer and its op.many player asking me for arena.what i want to say here is many of firstborn noob and dont want buy miracle coin to make their char strong.and they not learn how to make strong.please stop that throttle because we mc and forsaken discus how to make strong and we mc clan and forsaken buy miracle coin to make our char strong.TO technical please check this firstborn player status.is it i'm say true here?one of mc clan name hassn never think cost to buy miracle coin but at last you throttle our skill???firstborn player just noob.thats the answer.thank you.

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