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  1. new guild rules leader will change to other guild membee.how this possible to make.we put our MONEY,time and gold but other player get our guild??this bullshit.and we know guild very expensive.how can this happen?one more things where is our right here?we put our money to develop guild suddenly its go to others people.we can predict in future.really is we want login every day.but sometimes something happen.so here i disagree this rules.its like aigrind want robs us.please give your comment.thank you.p/s:sorry about my english
  2. hello, i wanna know where should i report about scammer use my shaman name?this scammer very brave.he never thought me or my friend relationship.he use my shaman name to cheat my friends.hope someone in this forums can look this matter a.s.a.p before he do more chaos. thank you
  3. you all realise or not this forum not helping you all.and my topic about ducking pop up seem i cannot reply.and the answer from moderator "we cannot do anything".look like moderator here just only puppet.what a stupid jobs in earth.sorry guys you all never help at all.what i thinking you all work on your boss(aigrind).dog of aigrind.hey guys suck all that balls.thats your jobs guys.hate it?ya thats i want.
  4. what ever i will get even i will banned.that person who making ideas make pop up at demand arena have dirty heart.i cannot compromise with this theft.your ideas suck i think your family are a pig.very discusting.duck you.hope your family die in car crash.bastard.devil.YOU ARE THEFT!!!
  5. window phone 8 cannot enter bari's hideout.need 3.10.1 version?if need that version where we can update?
  6. i ask many at forum here.my problem is not get latest version to download.can anyone help me to get new update version here??have someone help please
  7. what annoying result.the problem is i can enter new event at all.what the ducking bug i know.even the new update i not get it??????how i suppose to play???
  8. from morning till now i still not getting new version to download.try many times click on new latest version v3.10 but always send to window app.and no latest version there.help me out here please?
  9. still dont have new version at window app.already check it.damn its really annoying me.wait too long guys.what happen guys?
  10. i cannot update 3.10.0 version.i use window phone 8.i already try and window app not show update and show same version(3.9.0).please help me.thank you.
  11. minion got weakness.1)walking at back there.when you been attack that minion cannot help in time. 2)minion very heavy take a walk.like pull a donkey.imagine if you want escape from enemy ambush? 3)not all player will use it due its weakness and price.just player come from rich family will use it.(so minion not worth idea at all)
  12. what you say guys?oppinion please.
  13. like boring broooooooooooooooo.haha they feed their family with cheated money,brooooooooooooooooooooooo?muarghaha.ugly lifestyle be a aigrind family????what a shame jobs hehe
  14. thats why i brought this issues here.someone should take this issues.as we known this is not a good way game provider make a profit.its a cheated.do they want feed their family with this cheated money??what a shame..
  15. hi guys.first at all thanks a lot give a comment.for your info,me always login and play,every day.so the issues is why this item like accesory not have much in market or drop?its not about me login everyday or not go hunt boss.its about a happy playing.get what i need for my char class and happy playing ever after.did you all get it?
  16. thank you cristiano.i am srry my english very bad.how ever this issues need to highlight.thanks guys.
  17. sell point after we demand arena.always we suddenly buy it.so how if warspear put yes and no to buy.or we suggest warspear delete it.like me sometimes i need keep mc coin point for critical time.how say you all??
  18. sell point after we demand arena need be repair(put yes and no ,to buy) or be delete.always buy suddenly.its not genius idea.its like cheating player.hope someone will looking forward this matter.thank you.
  19. i want warspear delete sell point after we demand arena or put yes or no to buy there.because we suddenly buy item that we no need.its like cheating sell.thank you.
  20. hey delta i'm hunt okey.and one day hunt no drop.what the annoying suggestion from you,delta. smilga i agree with you.this game become annoying to me.mc clan skill be throttle.they lower % off success skill.what the duck.its not fun anymore.why they not upgrade or repair firstborn skill.even kill for quest like shit.
  21. im sorry i know my english poor.but one month i look market and trade chat.but i didnt found someone sell it.same when i play dark knight before this.i use necromancer accesory.i compare mc clan and forsaken.accessory mc clan got many selling.ahh.. go try monitor your self.waste time argue here.
  22. of course i want highlight this issue because i make my char to be strong and that ducking game provider make my char class weak.of course i upset here.i take out my money put at this game.then they easy throttle it?you think its fair like that???
  23. for a month i hear trade chat and check market.but i didnt found it.my lock name carcasss lvl15 now.and i asking all my friend.they said hard accessory for forsaken clan warlock and dark knight.try monitor one week.ok?
  24. hello i'm here open this issue.hope can open eyes for this game provider to check it or monitor firstborn side player.before throttle skill mc and forsaken.i have blade dancer and its op.many player asking me for arena.what i want to say here is many of firstborn noob and dont want buy miracle coin to make their char strong.and they not learn how to make strong.please stop that throttle because we mc and forsaken discus how to make strong and we mc clan and forsaken buy miracle coin to make our char strong.TO technical please check this firstborn player status.is it i'm say true here?one of mc clan name hassn never think cost to buy miracle coin but at last you throttle our skill???firstborn player just noob.thats the answer.thank you.
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