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  1. As far as everyone would buy accessories of 6 to 16 because they have the damage .. they just didnt add them . A magic damage user would be ok with level 10 cape with 15% or 10% wouldnt he
  2. heavybowus

    Important Update 7.7 Opinion kkkkkk : )

    Men death knigts r tanks now . Have you seen hunter new defence ? I have a priest ,havent seen worse class , cant do anything to other chars . No stuns , to make a stun requires 2 skills . All it has now is the revive with ... X hp idc . Necros are same kinda .. they both need a rework or we must understand they are just for pve and nothing else . I will continue using bd till then .
  3. heavybowus

    Strongest classes right now!

    u have to give reasons on this arguement
  4. Can I ask something? When using the new blade dancer skill , penetration is only increased versus the player used on , or for everyone ? Good job for the update anyway , seems great .
  5. I vote for : escape to prison , gladiator , Us sapphire good luck to everyone , stories were great !!
  6. Hello there . I just wanna ask if it is only me or already known . Today after I entered the game , I mean some time ago everything was fine . But just now I pressed the icon trying enter the game . It kept crashing for no reason . So I couldn’t enter . I restarted phone , crashed twice again . I checked store to see if there was any update , there was indeed without I manually Download it . So just that you guys know , graphics have really changed because it finally opened (takes more time now) , and game is also more pixeled . It is very obvious seems more unreal , like years ago . That’s all , have a nice day .
  7. Nocturne ... common name .. from somewhere .
  8. There is no App Store update yet right ? I can’t find it ..
  9. Today I tried to login but game crashes 1 sec after opening the app . Checked App Store it made an auto update about some bug fixes . -iOS
  10. heavybowus

    Player's Real Life Pictures

    Good morning