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  1. The comparison between Mc's & Elves, Elves side have more population and rich in mcion shoping even there dealer rates economy is affordable & supportable for low class players. Which result more dg spammers and get a stronger Alliance Plus other supporters may be..... Think and quote ty
  2. Some time at busy days when I got message war begain as I log its over😄 notice time 2-5 minute and over 🏁
  3. "Some players prefer not to take part in them" with them & with us is the main issue of war attending. This isn't the way,.. there must be a solution for it. my first suggestions 1. Rise flag hp in case any side have low amount of players & reduced flag hp in case of high amount of players in alliance. 2. War should not end in 2 min to 40min. In case 1st flag achive then give time for another 10 minute of non hitting as standby to get 2nd flag achievement at war mean at the same time gives a chance to 2nd alliance for attack flag, same repeat for other flags total time 60 minute 6 flags x10 minute.
  4. Its true in Eu Emerald server the elfs wins war at constantly rate from years. Mostly win war of elfs is due to high population with reasonable AOE stunts(Druids etc. ) and ultimate def (warden etc) these are the main causes END WAR in 2 to 5 mintues regularly in war We need to change the war strategy if there is true balanced between alliances. Thanks Regards Sparta.
  5. [2018.04.24] Update 7.5: Bastions of Ayvondil. Released.
  6. How much time will take for event start again after once ended
  7. Lol gasphel first tell mr how to cross stairs at elf caravan
  8. My suggestion for guild tournament should be change as level wise category Like arena. Reason here quite simple a LEVEL 2,3,4 guild cant win the tournament from LEVEL 5,6,7,8,9,10. There must be a separate Guild tournament in between as well like guild versus as below. Guild LEVEL 1,2,3 TOURNAMENT Guild LEVEL 4,5,6 TOURNAMENT Guild LEVEL 7,8,9,10 TOURNAMENT I hope you like my suggestion. Assuring you the best suggest all the time for the feature.
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