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  1. Tpain, yins but if we are talking about skill, pliskin and hamstring best by far
  2. well everything what left of my account....
  3. Cff


    wew ladylt is scammer..i found it he knew my pass and id and he was my trust friend.. and he gave account to 1 another guy hope i will get my account back soon :(
  4. Cff


    hacking program, idk anything else and i would never sell my account.
  5. Cff


    Thats not me, my account got hacked already reported waiting for answer from gm and i am NOT duckING SCAMMER *Z*
  6. noob running till draw :facepalm:
  7. lol i am staff user, and yes i kill plenty much ;)
  8. yesterday we raped your guild 5v5, even you used 3 warlock, we won u like 20-7 ;)
  9. try to do 3v3 or 5v5 vs pernicious :good:
  10. mega op, but u still losed 2-1
  11. dang that time poley was trying to change gear, while u killed me fast and both time i runned he stayed at 100, 300 hp damn more luck for you ;)
  12. first cherring up at caravan shop, then visited pvp cave :drinks:
  13. yea i know :lol: ..lvl 6 arena is most fun arena for me ;D
  14. looking for lvl 6 enemy to pvp :blush:
  15. you dont beliave, idc but i remember, and i said to poley then: let them to ss this ( but u didnt cuz u ss only win ;D )
  16. 10k dmg ;) (u can't see so good but i made it :facepalm: , gm please fix this :'( )
  17. lol it was 1-2 week ago and i was on mobile so i couldn't ss it
  18. well me and poley won them 5-0, they post only win
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