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  1. Sorry for late, now the lagging problem is very less. The other online games i play doesn't have such lag issues. well, it's all good now, thank you
  2. I don't think so, it still persists. tried everything.
  3. Sometimes, the mobs at the boss place doesn't spawn and sometimes it does, is there a trick to it or the mobs randomly spawns?
  4. incase of dungeons, shamans are more likely to aggro mobs with their heal whereas necro's heal doesn't but you don't need to worry if you have a good tank.
  5. Is it me or dungeon level 32 is crazy hard compared to other dungeons? A party of lvl 20 with +3 or +5 amped stuff can sweep out the dungeon in around 4-6 mins whereas for lvl 32, players or tanks such as DK with +7 takes a good amount of beating and hopefully finishes the dungeon within 2 stam. The mob amount is insane, having 3 DD in party resulted in finishing in 2 stams. Is there something I am missing? Any guide you would suggest or is it actually this hard?
  6. i use the direct client Ill try this other mmo games works just fine, it's just this game
  7. why does the client keeps on dropping connection? it's same on mobile data as well as WiFi I am so tired of this shit, keeps on happening whenever it's a crucial moment DAMN IT, any fix for this?
  8. Ancestor's hand is pretty much the same as banned
  9. To avoid that, most costume won't give any advantage over any other costume type. Just a little stat boost or buff. It could be HP boost, Mana boost etc, MC store costume should have them, so that people will buy more costumes
  10. As the heading suggests, I think it would be fun to add some attributes to costumes. Attributes will differ from each costumes. I'm blank xD, someone add some attribute ideas.
  11. Add some kawaii anime songs when battling XD Or, they should put up a Warspear online game radio lol
  12. Just disable the elf mobility attributes during merman trial, easy enough
  13. Or how about a global arena system, it will contain unique rewards which can be only dropped from this arena system, while keeping regional arena system for getting the regular arena stuff
  14. I'd suggest that skills will be reusable in 10/20 secs when any player from both sides gets to the place of regalia crown
  15. Need a high level but affordable build with skill build included. Please suggest lvl 20 build first then lvl 30/32 Thanks
  16. Bring 5-15 wardens to war, mc losses Seeker having fast running skill (forgot name) + sea fast walk equip + rat minion with speed run buff, win 1st stage of merman trial without any trouble ( this is quite a system failure here, since no mc character can't outdo seeker running speed) I don't know what to say man, all I would say is life on sea pearl is hard like no other
  17. Please add log system to castle storage. You can't even identify who takes your crafted products.
  18. Which of the items gives all of craft resources in 3 of the achievements. Need names of such items or ss
  19. I'm Snorlar, he uttered the words before taking over the throne of Demonologist, in front of the thousand warriors who came to kill the magician of hell. Snorlar is the student of volcano and apparently Demonologist was a friend of Volcano, as he grew up he became fed up with how the warriors of both sides are getting powerful and gaining knowledge as time passes by. As Volcano was defeated, he couldn't take it anymore. Snorlar took an oath to keep coming back to Arinar and take his revenge for killing his master, Volcano. As time passed, Snorlar spend his time trying to find out the magic of time travelling, being the student of Volcano, Snorlar was gifted enough to figure out the mechanism of how time travelling works. Nothing stopped him, his hatred only arose as he heard the heroism of the warriors spread across Arinar after taking the life of master Volcano. Alas! Snorlar knew that it shall be him that shall bring the wraith upon the warriors of Arinar. Snorlar mastered the technique of time travelling. Years after years, no matter how many times Snorlar is defeated, he gets the last laugh, Not only that but as time passes, Snorlar only gets stronger and ferocious. Warriors of Arinar started to acknowledge that Snorlar has became even more stronger than Volcano himself was. Snorlar loves to watch the warriors of Arinar fight against each other and shed blood, thus, Snorlar promised the victors such rewards which were never seen anywhere. Greed took over the warriors, they didn't even stop killing their own brothers/sisters nor their own comrades. Snorlar took advantage of weakness of the desires. Yet, everytime he appears, the new generation of warriors starts to question their desires. They look back at the past of bloody battles and ask themselves, is this all there to our life? Being manipulated everytime. Is this what our children dreams of in future, bloodsheds? NO!!, The childrens, they are the kings of future, they shouldn't be a part of this utter nonsense of greediness! We will fight Snorlar no matter how many times he appears, we shall be victorious and overcome our desires. We don't desire such thing, what we desire is, love and peace. We shall protect our loved ones and show Snorlar, that life isn't only about the riches, revenge, manipulations. It's about the love you desire in this world. The warriors gained knowledge of peace, they joined each other, hand in hand to ward off the evil schemes of Snorlar. They achieved a power that Snorlar couldn't. It was the power of kindness and love which only grew stronger with time. Snorlar was defeated but who knows what more power he will gain in future. THE END ( Here is my very first participation of a contest in Warspear. And it's my twist of how Snorlar came. Tried my best in finding out the history of Warspear, lol and this is what could come up with. ) Good luck to others, may you all win. Urervenon Sea Pearl
  20. Of course what you said is true but having a huge CD will help you constantly use blood protection skill even if it has low duration. Which gives you 50% less damage every time, while that takes damages, you got HP regeneration skill. Well now you need gears to focus on HP regeneration. Hopefully enough to counter the damage and regain that in short time. It's true it would be cool for damage type but I think it can tank too while having survivability.
  21. Yeah, I use a dispelling relic, actually the warden is my friend. Just a friendly match.
  22. You can kill wardens using AoE skills easily just want it to be faster. I need suggestions for that.
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