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  1. Is there a full detailed information on the requirements for upgrading guild level and guild skills to maximum? like gp, unity, gold information And, WS BD is coming up so i was wondering will there be discount for levelling up guild level 9 to 10?
  2. Where to report a player for this thing?
  3. It is dead but I still care about it Unfortunately, the developers won't do anything about it.
  4. I did try to disassembling such equips but unfortunately it didn't drop, does it drop randomly or is there a fixed equip for it that drop ethereals?
  5. There are achievement for getting ethereals, I tried disassembling many things but never drop it. If any one knows stuff has that material let me know
  6. this year's winter event tower of fury was absolutely unfair. our guild always has the most impossible opponent for which we never got to participate in the event and lacked behind a lot. hope, the developers doesn't do such mechanics again as it's is unfair to a lot of guilds.
  7. Is it better to go for the spring crafted x2 crit lvl 30 magic mace or go for different stat weapon?
  8. Here in sea Pearl, due to lack of cheap and good minions, those were like a god gift for us. Sad thing, it was removed. I hope they bring it back with some better minion
  9. i noticed it long ago but i forgot to talk about it everytime. Why was the Minion from the arena supplier was removed?
  10. Wow, didn't know that xD, kudos to him, amazing
  11. Same here but it's hard to help everyone by oneself and the downside of dungeon quests, it requires a party to be done. which is hard to find unless you know some players or have friends
  12. me noob at editing, best of luck all, I Really wanna win 2nd place for a costume
  13. Having the database to measure one's is very helpful, few things I would like to suggest. Adding the skills of character within the database would be crazy helpful, for clear goal of a build. Pressing the skill button will activate the skill and it's stats attributes will be added to the attributes menu. This will greatly help everyone to have a crystal clear build without having to wait every time to test on test server to see the percentage of stats altogether. There is a misinforming physical damage number on lvl 30 maces where you put the Crystal of Goodness in. Please kindly fix it.
  14. In sea, new players comes, levels up, faces a boss quests, asks for help on chat, no one is there to help, the players vanishes like a ashes in the wind
  15. having complete set in sea especially on mc side is a dream. most elfs have complete set, a player in elf side, a bd has both heavy and light full 32 set xD increasing the drop rate is a good idea, for mc it is, if elf side has it, i don't see mc surviving anymore due to the lack of players. yes i know, it's a selfish advice, i think it the only way to tackle the lack of player in such server, buffing a side with increased amount of drop rate will kinda balance out
  16. They should come and see the architect tournament of the legion not even 1 floor building was built.
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