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  1. hi Devs and moderators, I just wanna ask if theres an existing topic regarding runes and crystals guides, especially runes like runes of defence and runes of resistance and how they works. thank you, pls respect my post
  2. ofc and this topic is open for any suggestions for players.. they can also share some strategies to improve other shaman.. this topic doesnt have any bad intention.. the topic maybe offensive but the intention is for the improvements of players.. sorry for bad english lol
  3. Best shaman was posted already let us give importance those shaman that needs improvements
  4. STARR

    Shaman now = #1 !

    I consider my shaman as mid amped but i still rape those high amped melees and some casters.. anyway i killed blesskillz in a fair pvp but that was happened once, and i think that was my lucky day haha i still rape those doom users and lvl19 weap users with my lvl17 staff
  5. I'm a bit confused about priest now. I thought they are good in support, but now they can easily defeat melee or even healers actually all class. please do some changes about their new skill, like for example if that priest cast his new skill to his opponent. enemy HP will lose like 10% something like that. coz i experienced that my 3044 hp drained and become 253 in just 4 steps coz of priest new skill.. please do some changes thanks.
  6. my skill build of my shaman >>>> ball 5 heal 5 shield 1 blind 4 quake 1 new skill 2
  7. i can solo sea, lake, gs, granite guard with my 2.8k def -Phils
  8. "We are ProPhils and Prosai " haha
  9. I suggest to have a personal in guild warehouse.. For example u put costume in guild, and ur guild member want to use it.. He/she can wear it, now the transaction is between u and the real owner.. U cant trade/sell the costume.. U can lose it if the owner retrieve it from the warehouse.. Just like the other item.. U cant amp, item from the warehouse as long as the owner of that item is still exist.. And if the member of the guild got kicked, his/her item will automatically bring back to the owner
  10. for those gays who wants to be a girl XD
  11. wow gaganda tlga ng gawa nyo. Akin lng tlga pangt :(
  12. hope devs add this to game :D
  13. but i think your work is better than the others.
  14. hahha slmt! Di ko nga alam kng mananalo pa yan eh XD
  15. un sakin din sana ilabas. Kaso bka sa holloween pa ilabas, xD pang holloween kase un e xD
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