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  1. Still better than 300costume from chest and 299 no ones gona wear
  2. Also just saying.. elf have geographical advantage in terms of flag location... Bs man
  3. DGMK

    modern solutions

    Read like wikipedia man, anyway no point arguing. Just assume idk what im talking about ok?
  4. DGMK

    modern solutions

    Im guessing u mean control then :), stun is control skill but control skill contains more than just stun. Im answering the question where one complains about stun, please make sure you know whats happening before commenting
  5. Sigh, theres nothing about price or anything, its just i feel like every year or two should be a round of new costumes like fortinite so old players can look a bit cooler and feel a bit more special thats all. Idk if any dev would look at this but still, i feel like theres more benefit of doing that. I mean i can't think of anything negative can happen so
  6. Can move while casting spell sounds like unfair advantage
  7. Price of costume is mainly determined by those key factors: demand (how many people want it), supplies (how many is available), how (difficult of looting it) and sustainability (can it be looted later, or in this case, how long will it stay exclusive until next obtainable event) Well true but i don't find them very appealing. As what im suggesting make sure every costume is unique if given time because they become "antique" if stored hard enough. I somewhat force the game from progressing and make sure most people will be wearing new costume instead of old ones, and i somewhat like that. Also just the feeling of having something you love forever be special just like your char gets me amped up hehe.
  8. What im suggesting isnt really about rarity, its about how exclusive and "special" one costume can be. Especially those boss costumes (Chernobog, baron saturday, Ruberius, Mortis...) should only be obtainable within the event and never after to introduce this exclusive feeling and increase its price. Doesnt it feel good to think that you will be one one in xxx people in this game that owns this costume? And you will always be?
  9. DGMK

    modern solutions

    Idk about u but there are lots more things which act exactly like stun skill u didnt mention about. And i wonder why 1in 10player use ranger, and druid. Ranger only have 1 stun and druid have 0 stun, in your word they should be underpowered right? Anyway back on topic. The amping idea sounds very nice i would love to have that.
  10. True, but those are way too small of a portion imo. Don't players or developers want the street to be filled with new costume and thats why they designed them for? Especially those boss costumes, like mortis, ruberius and winter general in this year should be the most iconic thing representing the 2017 winter event and 2017 winter event only. The exclusiveness should be the thing that motivates one to spend tones of money on costume they like because it will only get lost in time if one doesn't hurry. And since the costume will be exclusive after a period maybe it's a good time to introduce mc to unbind costume, I believe many people will be more than happy to hear that... Ps. The graphic preview of the summary just came out earlier today. And it shows how many costume of each boss from each event drops. Since there are finite numbers on it does it mean boss costume now on won't be obtainable?
  11. Well, lets just get straight to the point. I feel like this game needs costumes that are permanently rare. Meaning that it will not be obtainable ever since the release period of it. I personally have a lot of cool costumes that are from wayyyyy back when the game kicks off. But they keep coming back and they just feel less and less exclusive. Oddirently speaking, there are probably thousands of costume around and it is getting hard to differentiate between actual good, rare costume. You may say thats a bit selfish, but i do wana bring meaning to spending tones of money on costume and finally, you stand out beyond all people around. But later just... boom, u can get the costume again in a way easier manner. It could be something like seasons, 1-2year could be a nice threshold where old costume before that will become exclusive and not obtainable. Especially those old boss costume, event costume and lb award costume. It will only encourage the flow of the game, because the price can increase as time goes on, theres nothing to lose for you. Even cheap costume will gain value later on, and you can proudly present it to show u are an old player and deserve every bits of its glory</
  12. The elephant boss at world event is ridiculous, keeps running into people that are afk. Now there are trolls standing at 4corners of the map and no one can hit the boss!! Every event failed at that stage please do something
  13. Now it shall be 5rangers do whatever they want, because everything they see dies
  14. Idk if anyone would do that but, they are the only class tanky enough to be capable of such things
  15. Elf have best tank, best healer, best single damage and best control class Freaking warden solo 32dg and even elm while ranger literally got a 3x dmg buff on another attack skill. Now most op elf class got buffed and mc have nerfed everything how is this balanced
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