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  1. Yup! But now most of the members are scattered xD lol n now the rank dosnt matter only the Leader matters [[xatcheers]]
  2. Magestic?? N its better not to give the accounts to anyone unless u know them personally n some really good friends like members from this guild xD
  3. Ah yes a gathering sounds great all the guild members in once place n kicking a** 8)
  4. Yep n yea how was it? Hope our overlord did well xD
  5. The results maybe after 11am in indias time and how much does iridi heal now tris? N it was reallly amazing how u leveld him up =O
  6. Gift exchange? What are we gonna give as gifts? 8) gears or mshop items? %)
  7. Btw tried opera mobile its slow as hell maybe cuz of the network but uc kinda better for browsing too 8) n yeah want to check out the new recruits :*
  8. Ahaha i totally didnt knew he was asking ''that'' xD n its like they judge ppl who cant be judge by the law n stuff lol n the code breakers r like power users each has a certain power over elemets like shadow, sound, magnet etc.
  9. Yea its good it has a twisted history too xD n kinda hentaish xD
  10. Goodwork both the brothers haha :D n if we get mcoins wooo i wont hav to be worrying for rune sellers 8)
  11. Nah didnt play much tired of searching for rune sellers :! N yep i read this morning again after several weeks @ arun well the story is always twisting never know what happens next xD
  12. N is it just me or our guild has the most replies than the rest of the other guilds?
  13. Well im using uc browser now n okay ill try with opera mobile but uc is so much better for reading manga :D
  14. Btw which browser do u guys use? :P i guess my fon cant use those smiley :/
  15. N i think our guilds name is really spreading :[ i saw pheonixfly asking evil 'bout our guild xD
  16. Ofc i was the one who ampd evilmind xbow >:[ was lucky yesterday n i tried that idea which arun gave guess it really worked :[
  17. Overlord hurry up with your exams and all the best :)
  18. Ah finally here lol xD btw how many partys for chief eh? N i think u can add ezriell to the guild now he reachd lvl 20
  19. Lol yes :D i totally forgot ur name that time thanks for popping in n im sure the guild leaders will let u in n try to lvl up as soon as uv collcted enough arena points :)
  20. Earlier sumone i forgot the name asked healallelf if we was the leader of the guild n that guy was interested to join xD i guess we shuld tell them to post in the forum ryt if they r interested to join in... N yeah make this an international guild *hi*
  21. Btw ginlal n tris usin nagamese? :P english use karo :P need to understand ur posts :[:[
  22. Ahh i guess its only for elfs :[ no mc character at present lol
  23. U guys can also tell ur close friends to join the guild if they are interested
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