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  1. Rich sange :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD +10 nice
  2. Snorlax, time ago u moderators said theres gonna be new payment: Samsung, just wanna ask, where is it?
  3. Aquilez


    Sen takii naiset kuuluu keittiiön eikä rattiin :D
  4. Aquilez


    Jos Ninja havaitsit asian, niin puolet noista on lvl 1 - lvl 3
  5. Ive seen 305 dmg on Us sapphire :D Ja morjensta
  6. Paladin Zeusxelie for sure! Hes most skilled player of paladins, and know how to control it.
  7. Oops sry sis :give_rose: My mistake ::)
  8. Poley very strong, he would kick ur ass.
  9. Aquilez


    Euca mika sen se bow o?
  10. Aquilez


    Heca paraskin puhuja.. :blush: No lpl mut siis juu se on tyttö ::) Tytöt ei tiedä peleistä yleisesti ottaen paljoa mitään
  11. Mrgreench not ur own char..?
  12. Lol bro why u couldnt edit that photo? Theres me writing for Mrgreench, and btw u share acc with him? i heard u two are in real life friends ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  13. Poley :give_rose: So beautiful sis :)
  14. Aquilez


    Lauri, pistin sen tietokoneelle tunnukset ja muistin ottaa pois
  15. Hello! For all the admins i would have suggestion about buying Miracle Coinses. Me and my friends have talked about if u could add new payment: PaySafe. Its much easier for buy miracle coinses for players who cant buy via sms or anykinda cellphone or paypal etc. So hope u see this, i would be glad if u give me response :)
  16. Rajiv, just a little tip, none of this server bd's cant beat Pvpshaman so... i think u cant either with ur +4 swords :facepalm:
  17. Why u say pvpshaman is noob? He beat u every ducking char in pvp, u just jealous? :facepalm:
  18. Kernlabba best for sure, hes skilled player and high amped :bomb:
  19. Aquilez


    Euca mitä vitt..?
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