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  1. well, i have this problem with gift quest. wrong material
  2. i wanna ask. where is storm spear skin for 2 hand melee skin?
  3. No, mages have no stun. Its just makes enemies far away from mage but still can use skill.
  4. stay online and watch out. there is a notification when a player took anything from guild storage. Then u just ask to leader or heir to kick them and ignore. SIMPLE! coba untuk fokus.
  5. no, at volcano stage, warlock can win too.
  6. Hahahaha, You will enter the Hell! Ur words are worse than Darkzain. You said that you can beat zain with +10 sd with your +0-+4 and full 18 lvl item? Hahaha NEVER! Btw, in that video is not fair challenging a low amped zzzz.
  7. Actually all are same. my cloistered pollaxe +8 only 27 signs. cbow arena+7 took 23 signs, staff arena priest+9 took about 30 signs. My mace is +6, I have used 45 signs but didn't increase.
  8. i amp my bow arena lvl 17 +5 just 7 signs. And i amp 13 more signs didnt get +6
  9. Halo gw hode, 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  10. This will be disqualified I think. You must create with your own ideas.
  11. Try to redownload/reinstall app
  12. Its happened to me too. not only chest but also daily gift. 100% Bullshit
  13. ur skin will be deleted forever.
  14. i want ice queen :give_rose: not pumpkin costume
  15. not delete but change....better stun skill
  16. i often seeing barb charging when rooted or trapped. also DK. And rogue gouge me after he got foj.....like earthquake cant move enemy but can use charge.The fact is paladin cant touch the warlock. nor the FOJ.
  17. this game only for rich people, not for poor people. LMAO
  18. there is a bug or not, DK and Barb still can use thread and charge while rooted, make they can attack druid, and rogue is disappear.Ranger stun only trap and scatter (but scatter is too short), still ranger can be attacked. Usually ranger do 5 powerful, 5 blessing, and mix scatter and trap. The trap is not too long. Also a bug that Barb and DK use skill.
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