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  1. He was the only warrior of his kind who survived after the Great War, all rejected him because his way of acting. The fighter had no name he only wanted to be known as the dragon warrior but had such contempt that the people sent him away and he had to go elsewhere to seek his glory and formed his own covenant with other vagabonds and misfits. Years passed and everyone forgot about the one who claimed to be The Dragon Warrior. He found a cave where they could stay alive, he trained every day to become stronger ... More years passed and he was growing more each time, he was becoming excessivel
  2. Puedo pedir el set de arena winner? Osea la capa el amuleto y x2 ring? Si esque gano el primer puesto
  3. what name guild have? :pardon: :pardon: :pardon: :pardon: :pardon: :pardon: :pardon: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  4. file:///C:/Users/Usuario1/Desktop/RED%20JOKER.jpg :cray: :cray: :bomb:
  5. My desired costume b. the joker c. all red 1. Red joker hat 2 .Funny face 3. Red Joker Suit 4. Red Joker Gloves 4. Red Joker boots " I love red"
  6. Attachments and other options
  7. Ill join iam habborodne
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