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  1. I think am not invite u here, noob... :P So GET LOST.. :D
  2. If u wanna pvp my chars, take ur time.. Never pvp when ur enemy doing quests / help new friend for quest, noob.. :D And @born.. U start disturb me when u kill me without reason (gank exactly with maleshaman noob).. I dont like to disturb mc, if u disturb, no mercy.. And u said why hero do that (old post), he's not trying to impress or something.. And noob like u r forbid to type my chars.. Keep it in ur mind.. If u dont have brain, nvm then..
  3. Idk u but thx anyway.. ^^
  4. I hate pvpcave, noobs gankers there.. :P So if unite there, she's not me otherwise help kill gankers.. :P
  5. Read my words !!! Even ur name or other player name not there, it doesnt mean I not hate u.. I hate u & miscrosoft either.. :D
  6. Pls fix it.. Cz its make me bored with that words which appear when I try to log in..
  7. Wew.. So u brought unite there?? Lol
  8. @nestly.. Hehe, thx, sist.. :* @kiyo.. Hehe,, thx.. U gave + & told me or u just told me?? :P
  9. What did he do to my bro jerbz ?! :( Jerbz is nice guy.. :( Poor jerbz.. :'(
  10. When Am bored. . . . . . Sometimes I do nothing.. Sometimes help friend c.l ... Sometimes buy some tickets & go arena... Sometimes having date with lover ..... Sometimes make new char .... :P If someone ask: why not farm when u bored?? I'll say: cz I'll get 0 drop.. Lol, when I want farm, like my luck is from 10 become 0 .. :D
  11. Near gasphel / nadir / caravan?? :P
  12. Mc side, I hate: Xxkleinxx Ladyseth Ascetic Kernlaba Judigator Maknyous Frezzoz Lokyi Paulo (barb) Elf: PVPRANGE Midgeedoo (who call me shit talker) Nokilloke Aslahar *just share *just remember those names & I think I still have other names Lol..
  13. Druid, BD, Ranger I type them without rate cz for me, they make me fall in love.. ♥ And I love bd of my ♥ ... ^^ But I also love other ppl char (mc side).. 2 barbs, 1 dk.. They are great & nice ppl..
  14. I didnt realize that I in that photo, lol.. But I love that pict.. ♥
  15. Lol.. Even u missed our clan event last time.. After event, we make photos of ours.. :P
  16. @all who reply.. Oh... Thx for ur informations.. @bima.. Thx, bima.. :)
  17. What's karma?? Am newbie on forum so I dont know anything bout it.. Anyone wanna share for me?? What's karma & how's my karma be + (mine +3 now) ?? And what's the purposes of it?? Thx.. :)
  18. Just fix all of the problems pls, devs.. ^^
  19. Why you disturb other ppl relation?? None of your business if xherobrine has a gf out of his country, right?? :D
  20. Just receive if pro bd use druid also can win (even ppl say that druids are noob).. :) ;)
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