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  1. Light side = foot of grey mountain.. Left kamp riff
  2. Light side = somarra tribe village
  3. Dark side = nadir sard and go inside tavern
  4. Relic Today in light side = camp riff
  5. Relic today in light side : nadir sard
  6. Relic today in dark side = light shamans camp
  7. Relic today in light side : somarra tribe village
  8. Relic today in dark side (mean is forsaken and mountain clans) - fisherman village.. Today no relic in light site :'(
  9. Relic today in light side (mean is elf and chosen) : good fame island :)
  10. To all user nokia.. You must try this if your always crash doing quest in norland or circle horror.. Make you WS no sound. Goo setting.. 1. Goo setting.. 2. Make sound vollume become 0 (zero).. 3. Out from aplikasi WS and goo open aplikasi WS again.. Is work in my nokia E5. But make playing WS borring becouse no sound -_-.. I hope this help you :) Sorry if my english bad :(
  11. :) yoo hoo squeeze up :)
  12. yeeaaahhhh but still look bad :D,,good luck too,, [email protected] di warung kira kira ada gak yaa
  13. Aaa so many troll in this game :D,, maybe i be troll too xD
  14. Gak ada buku gambar,, males buat beli buku gambar :D ,, Seadanya aja dah hahaha lgian gak yakin bakal juara satu, dua atau tiga, lgian psti kalah sma editan kompi
  15. but you can lose in arena (o.O)a ,, hahaha you always look troll doing quest :o
  16. Horeee another senior member come in my post :),, [email protected] thanks, oke i shall beware Lol;, [email protected] thankyou, have nice day too to you :),, many troll in here xD,
  17. [email protected] you right, we dont know them mind xD,, thanks
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