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  1. Wow big change :) nice and cool one :3.. I'm sure to symbian will be many crash :( and fast or slow i'm shall chair mad :/
  2. Oke, gift code already in my hand.. Thankyou AIGRIND company and all ADMIN WS :)
  3. I not get my gift code too :/..? Maybe email delay..? My email [email protected] Please reply my commen dear GM
  4. Oh my god. Many crash in versi 3.13 if go to teleport norland :(
  5. Moderator [email protected] nokia E5.. Many crush in norland if i'm already turn off sound still many crush -_- please fix that
  6. Me use nokia E5.. I cant write digit even if in mode qwerty keyboard.. And sometime game crash in norland and now many crash in norland even i'm already turn off sound
  7. For symbian i'm already download from website and i instal but is version is 3.11.1 not v 3.12.. Please do something admin
  8. Light side = misty shelter.. Xreaperx @ light side mean is chosen side and elf side. I call them light side and forsaken side and mountain clan side i call them dark side becouse them use black magic and they skin soo ashen :D
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