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  1. sorry i cant buy android. Because i'm poor human . That why i'm alwasy hope to symbian. If symbian gone i'm not play this game again even i'm poor human i'm always be cheerful to live in this world i'm poor but i'm not like you. Alwasy chide other human or technological
  2. Symbian many crash again. Please admin fix that fast
  3. GM why symbian many crash..? Please fix that crash :'(
  4. fix notify ''connection with server has been lost" please :)
  5. You know i have better idea.. I use PC to pass my druid into map 2 :) but i'm to lazy to goo PC center :D. I still can play other char :)
  6. Oh nooo oh shit. My druid cant log in. In new map. I try to log in and alwasy crash in new map, i cant use my druid now :( i'm use symbian :(
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