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  1. @kenetho the game is free o.O @kuzmitch you dont fix the armor bug and the life bonus bug ?
  2. por mim tanto faz tenho char em tudo q é server msm dos dois lados
  3. o foda é q ntem lista de amigos ai fica ruimde decora o.nome dos mlk
  4. eu tenhuum first tb haohmaru
  5. ohhh u 5 are strooooong kiling a rank 2
  6. o/ eu jogo tb no sapphire montaineer nick shizumaruh tem um outro q joga tb sakkiz mas só falei c ele uma vez
  7. i hope the lauch a patch to fix the bugs
  8. yeah we the game close when we kill a boss
  9. you are a montainer or firstborn??
  10. the question are favorite class not best
  11. barbarian need to have a lot of health and defense but how if the two atributes are not working
  12. for the last bug look into your skill you selected the skill but dont used it so look if your skill is selected it is not a bug its just low atention
  13. your class will be blade dancer forever you will just choose your talent
  14. go to atachements and choose the archive and post
  15. hey man i buy the two itens !! Just tell me when you will be online
  16. dont are implemented yet i think
  17. Haohmaru

    to staff

    Hey i know its hard make a game but i think the developers of the game can at least say something we just make critics amd they do nothing and even say nothing too i think a word from developers sometimes, make the users have more hope about the future of the game !!!!!!!!!!! :crazy: Well this is just what i think !!!!!!!! :dirol: PS: sorry by the bad english Att: Haohmaru
  18. Haohmaru


    lol just take a little more attention while selling/buying itens
  19. i agree tibia is poor!!! But they hav more people cause they are the first mmorpg for mobiles ant cause they have java plataform too. And when the next update on tibia (the tibia for pc) will be avaliable a widget to play tibiame togheter with tibia. So i think they have a lot of player cause they are always inoving
  20. Haohmaru

    mobile website

    hello i will try to make a mobile website for this game and i need help anyone who want to help can email me at [email protected]
  21. i agree hard comunication and the imput method for touch phones are so slow. Im using nokia 5233 s60v5 it was better if i could use my smartphone qwerty its much more fast to write
  22. yes man you can switch your profile. Make two profiles and whenever you want you can switch then just go to menu and switch profile just remember to dont mark the remember password in public pcs or phone of another person
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