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  1. almost all players of lvl 13 have the same problem of you and u think the satff needs to help just you dont cry  man its just a iten sell and buy another money u can easily make

  2. i try to buy from the site and i send a message to the number 44844 and the answer was "Sorry! Service was not worked" but my money was gone and i dont receive the Miracle Coins im from Brazil too. Kuzmitch give a answer please

  3. i think it will be like in world of warcraft u need to choose a skill tree and i think sentinel will be a tanker and blade master a dps

  4. :mega_shok:  im playing as a montaineer so im making quest in irselnort and the last quest i make was a quest where i need to kill 8 axe warriors and take 8 amulets from them. I do this quest amd now i ant find more quests anuone can help me i make all quests execept the quest to kill sea monster.









    i already find more quest all thati just to do is kill sea monster :facepalm:

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