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  1. I am looking for a good guild on MC side !!!
  2. Look at other games that have a class like the paladin of warspear they use mace, imo mace isnt a rustic weapon for barbarians to use, barbarias should use just axe
  3. for pick ss i use screen snap and netqin mobile security to show connection speed both are for symbian s60v5
  4. HiHo chron i will be back to this game and i wanna know if i can join ur clan
  5. i agree too its a good ideia
  6. yeah ranger is strong and ranger need to focus in dodge with a good dodge a barb will amost always miss @bizkitz maybe u need learn how to play with a ranger
  7. Haohmaru


    hey marcin what daggers that u are using in the screenshot?
  8. Haohmaru


    this part of the forum doesnt have much movimentation so here goone question How much critical, regen, life u have with ur rogue and what lvl he is? mine lvl 14, 21,4% critical, 1552 life, 80 regen
  9. kill the most scary...
  10. maybe they delete this topic too
  11. Haohmaru


    hey kuz or mioco The sms payment for Brazil is unavaliable??? Why ?? Will we can buy Mc through sms in the future? And i didnt receive 220 miracle coins that i have buyed i already send email to support but not has been done Please answer this and dont delete this post and dont move it too i just want an answer What u (the moderator that delete the posts) make is censure all u dont like u delete!!!„ '-.-
  12. lol man u are happy cause u kill one MC. Pleeeease dont kill me u are so strong and i have fear of u great legionn the MC killer.
  13. because elves are my enemies i need kill they or die trying o/ I have a very good tip better than all of ur tips Always ask for help when u need dont give money or iten just ask much of the players will help even if they dont know u at least in Montain clan of sapphire server is like that.
  14. i agree with slay need to have a delay time. But not all indo are spammersplayers i have good friends that are indo and never have problem with they
  15. all elfs need die especially on sapphire
  16. 6 of us ?? i know a lot of MC in sapphire not just 6. Maybe the hour that u play we are all sleeping ;) And when i see elfs i ALWAYS atk cause they need DIE !!!!
  17. maybe is not bug maybe is just a hard quest now
  18. yeah "boacompra ltda" will be a better way to brazilians get Miracle coins o/
  19. i have buyed MC and received a sms with "sorry! Service has not worked" i already sent a email to [email protected] but i got no one MC yet and my money has gone help me !!!!
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