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  1. In all the games i have played my mage is girl, i found them cuter than boy with staff :P Like a boy tank looks better, its not a date finder app, its a game, if something looks better i use it
  2. I play around 7-9 hours but the most of the time i am goofing around :P
  3. I got my first hater n elf side ::)
  4. This idea is great, nothing else, just GREAT ::)
  5. Doger72

    small view bug

    Version 3.6 Phone: Wt19i sony Ericsson
  6. Doger72

    small view bug

    When you look weapons dress appearance the word "appearance" is behind the player, not on top of him as in normal dress. One pic is with weapon appearance and the other with normal dress appearance. I just notice it and made a small post, Thanks.
  7. Doger72


    Send a message (email) to support team and ask them, acc blocking also could be permanent, it depends what rule you have broken...
  8. i think pala cause he had high hp, high armor, heal, stun, silence and can cast a lot of dmg, but the negative is that he is melee. for elf side this, i haven't check a lot mc characters.
  9. Yea plz do something about that, we can use only ten letters to our names and there Are over 3 mil players in servers, i bet that not over 100 thousands are active in whole game, 1 mil of them are 1 lvl%) plz do something about this, delete after a year 1 lvl char, its 2 min to become 2lvl so its not hard... Why name change when all cool names have been taken? 2 months ppl can change their names and max 10ppl do it in eu emerald...
  10. Well the right is to close at 24.00 gmt. Why they should w8 you to post your story? U had 1 month, also they have announced it when you log in in game, what else to do? Better luck next time ::)
  11. Two guys before some minutes did the same with fake items in eu emerald, server was crashing again and again, plz make something like firewall so only admins can create items links Thanks ::)
  12. I am sorry for my bad English, if you see something wrong plz ;) tell me to fix it. I hope you like it ::) The view of the story will uptade for easier reading. Thanks ::) Words: 496 Characters: 2307 Characters (with spaces): 2790
  13. The Day that Demonologist has created Everything has started when the war began at the World of Arinar. The two sides battled incessantly and the losses were enormous for both camps. For this reason the best fighters of each side: Maggina from Mountain Clans and Forsaken and Luna from Elf and Humans decided to fight each other until death to rice the winner. The duel took place on top of the largest volcano in the center of Arinar where was buried the bodies of the thousands fallen fighters. The battle was hard and lasted 40 days and 40 nights. The fortieth night the were s
  14. Can you change my name to FireDoger plz? ::)
  15. As you can see it works!!! ::D Thanks a lot:-) Can you tell me how u did it? ::)
  16. Hi, I have google it but still I can't make my avatar to work as a normal gif, I have directly upload it, use url but nothing happend. Its small gif, 120x87 Here is the link, can you help me plz? http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/2969/7i0.gif
  17. Check this http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+crack+parental+control
  18. Send a ticket to support team or directly to [email protected] They will send you information about what they need to restore your account. ::)
  19. Yea I notice it earlier... :D But thanks :D
  20. Can you please translate this amazing website in english? Its very nice, why only russian can have it? :sorry: Thanks. ::) http://www.daniilfilippov.ru/warspear/
  21. 5v5 random takes a lot of time, with guilds now, if lazy elfs wake up, 5v5 will rise as a guilds arena or inguild fights... In 2v2 in 2 sec you fight, in 3v3 in 10sec you fight, in 5v5 after an eternity you fight....:-P
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